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    Posted on September 29th, 2017 Becky No comments


         Obviously, I have had the below letter for several months now. It makes me so angry that I have trouble reading it. But I am not giving up! Is it any wonder that Pennsylvania is considered one of the most corrupt states in the Union?
         Baldrige’s actions clearly violate the State Ethics Act and I will pursue this further.
         Have a happy and safe Friday.


    TOM PAID HIMSELF $262,104

     *   Tom Baldrige gave himself a raise! Nice! According to the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s tax return for 2015, Tom paid himself $262,104 (click here and also see below). Wow, he must do a lot of work!
         In their 2014 return, he only made $248, 914.
         A screenshot of the 2015 return is below and then below that it is split in two so the numbers are easier to read!



           Two really good comments came in  this morning (thank you) and I’m moving them to the front page. Please note there was another post this morning that is immediately below.  

         Interest in the Penn Square Partners Marriott project is one of the main driver’s of me coming to this website. I also appreciated the information on Art’s website and very much love seeing what he is doing at the council meetings. I fully understand the discouraging feeling of fighting the battle by yourself and I am definitely to blame for not making it to council meetings (although I will never be able to make one at 1530). I also would have thrown in the towel long ago if I was in his position.
         I remember visiting Art’s website several times to see if there was an event calendar or forum to communicate and get involved and I do not remember the website having these items. If the website is put back up with a link to a Facebook group where people can organize/discuss in preparation for council meetings maybe Art could have some confidence that he would not be attending council meetings alone with no public support.
         I have never met Art, but I know my father thinks very very highly of him from his time as Mayor.


         I think I can answer your last question regarding why the “Caucus” addresses trivialities in the larger scheme of things, and wont dare touch anything of meaning and importance: From all outward appearances, and knowing what we do about the incestuous financial relationships LNP has with certain newsmakers…and lawmakers, it looks as if the Caucus was specifically and strategically set up to 1. make it look like the parent company is, actually, a “news” organization, when it is not (i.e. to try to hide those incestuous conflicts of interest and; 2) and more importantly, to curry favor with lawmakers from outside Lancaster County that they do not yet have relationships with currently, but will need to cultivate as their avarice and greed only grows. They can accomplish that by pissing off and outing piddly lawmakers whose vote they do not need, to the delight and glee of the rest…who matter to them.
         It is just drawing their power and corruption into a wider net, while trying to fool the public into thinking they are a serious, unbiased news organization. I promise you that if one were to gift them with a, say, Gary Hart type story about Lloyd Smucker (I am just using that as an example), the girl would still be sitting in his lap while they cover copy machines. This strategy also helps should they face legal scrutiny or any other kind of oversight for some of their boneheaded, if not downright unethical, immoral or illegal, actions over the past few years. Call it a preemptive strike.

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