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    Posted on September 6th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         On June 9th of this year I ran the below piece on the Manheim Township Police Department (click here for the original). I hesitated before I ran it – but how prophetic! I am making calls this afternoon and will have more on their shocking racism tomorrow.
         Once again, I apologize for the layout of this site and having two very important yet totally separate topics mixed into one post. I am working on what will hopefully be an answer to this problem.



          …And believe me you’re no more interested in the safety of people in the city of Lancaster than we are. So let’s get that off the table right now – that you don’t have a monopoly on concern about the safety of the residents of the city of Lancaster.
    Mayor Gray during last night’s City Council Committee Meeting and directed at a firefighter who had just spoken (click here and he begins this at the 32:19 mark in the tape).
         Yes, and that is why you have an incompetent, alleged wife beater as a Police Chief and that is why there are 20 unsolved murders in the city of Lancaster while you have been mayor.
        This man’s arrogance and nastiness are simply astonishing and the only way he has stayed in office for three terms is because LNP protects him because he got them their convention center/hotel and then even more millions in CRIZ money.
        Despicable is too kind of a word for this man.


    *    George Rosado, who actually shot and killed his 15-year-old “friend,” Ibram Hanna, with a gun he stole was only charged with one felony. (See yesterday’s post immediately below.)


    (Click here for the LNP story and see his charges and bail amount below)

         This is the most racist thing I have seen yet  in Lancaster County. If Blanding Watson of the local NAACP doesn’t make a statement and take a stand on this, I will go to the Philadelphia NAACP.
         This mother turned in her own son looking for help and they want to put this 16-year-old in jail for life. There are no words for this outrage and shocking racism!
    Click here for, “JUST TWO GOOD OL’ WHITE BOYS SHOOTING UP A HOUSE!” and please check back later today.



    1. If it’s Lancaster and you are black I would think that the very last thing a mom would do would be call the cops for “help.”

      Wouldn’t surprise me at all if his mother is not black and therefore operating on the assumption that her son would be treated like any other white kid who dressed up as law enforcement and invaded a home to rob and beat the occupants and then returned to school like it was no big deal.

      Or a white man who drove a dead body to York and hid the car containing the body in a church parking lot and never spent time in jail and the public never learned just how he got from York back to Lancaster.

      Or a white woman with a fancy Lancaster legacy surname who dumped a friend on the side of the road who was overdosing and also spent zero time in jail.

      Like I said, no black mother would ever call the police for “help” in Lancaster. They would know better.


      Eight years ago today, Mayor Dick was quoted by The Some Day News that “Frankly, the quality of life in Lancaster continues to improve!”
      And for eight years of people asking him HOW it’s improved, we’ve gotten eight years of no answer.

    3. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Last night the sheep of the GOP endorsed Chris Leppler over Louie Rodriguez. For the first time the GOP had an opportunity to endorse a highly qualified career law enforcement professional and respected Latino but instead went with Chris Leppler who could never rise above sergeant by his own merits and has a horrendous financial history. And he flipped off President Judge Reinaker and was suspended for it a few months back. Another committee man called Leppler out about the incident and Leppler bold faced lied to everyone. Most racist crap I have ever witnessed. The embarrassment on so many faces when that vote was read was astounding. 30% of committee people were not even there in person. By proxy fake voting and a fixed convention won it for Leppler. Charles Hamilton even endorsed Louie Rodriguez!!!! Spineless and corrupt Dave Dumeyer made people vote on a second round ballot before giving Hamilton the right to speak and endorse Louie. GOP is a joke. You need to look into how many republican committee members receive government pay checks of some sort. No true republican can respect what has happened to this party.