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    Posted on September 12th, 2017 Becky 20 comments

    *    Taking a break this afternoon – the comments have been keeping me busy but they are much appreciated and make for very interesting reading! Thank you everyone. LIP News will return tomorrow.


         Tom Murse, LNP’s new “managing editor” was formerly the content editor and apparently still is the editor of LNP’s The Caucus. The Caucus’ stated objective is to report on Pennsylvania government and boasts of its “relentless, independent investigative reporting.” 

         And look at this – on September 10th, two days ago, The Caucus did a front page story on Republican State Senator Scott Martin and his Bill #754 that conflicts with the Constitution and the basic founding principles of this country.

         And LNP tells us over and over again that they are: “The source of news and information for every resident of Lancaster County.” Are they really?

         So what is missing in LNP’s coverage of two powerful elected officials  – Scott and Amber Martin? Just about everything. It is an absolute betrayal of the public trust and a betrayal to everything journalism and a free press are supposed to stand for in this country.

    Please check back later today.


    20 responses to “* BY MURSE & LNP”

    1. Maybe because LNP has reached out to both the Martin’s and Gerald and recognize the exploitation of the children by people with horrendous motives? And the fraudulent court documents? Just a guess. Might also be why similar news organizations and “I got you” reporters have also decided against “reporting” because children are both innocent and to be protected?

    2. Oh, for heaven’s sake 2015? ! I’m not just talking about what’s been on this site for the last two days. I’m talking about the State Senator marrying the County Treasurer!!! And Scott Martin hiding a first divorce, a re-marriage and a second divorce! And…

    3. Again, I am on Team-Gerald.
      But…Scott and Amber didn’t hide any marriage. Scott has no oversight of Amber from a political perspective and vice versa. Look at it from LNP’s perspective, anything they write now will just look like they hate another republican. Think of Trump. Once the truth about this current situation is exposed, the Senator will even have Democrats voting for him because this lifetime movie is so absurd that you can not help but feel for all involved. I know your fine republican committee readers think Democrats like myself are crap, but this Democrat committee hag knows the truth and even, dare I say, feel sorry for Scott. The children are no laughing matter and anyone that gets their jollies from reading about this, has some serious mental health issues. If LNP wants to earn Scott thousands of more votes, than open up this can of worms. Hard core republican voters will have Scott’s back and anyone that has ever been divorced, exposed to divorce, had custody issues, issues with their kids, any kind of family issue…will immediately take offense to this kind of reporting. This is politics 101 and that is why not one Democrat will even entertain exploiting the family. Even though us Democrats are seen as terrible in this county.

    4. Believe it or not 2015?, it goes to character.

      If they cared enough about their children, they wouldn’t be dragging this through the courts. Anyone who watches Dr. Phil knows that the LAST place of recourse that you should choose are the courts to settle things when it comes to your children. Yeah, I know that referencing Dr Phil is almost absurd but on that topic he is absolutely correct.

      My opinion means nothing but I can tell you that if I had a lawyer who used MY CASE and MY CHILDREN to advance old grudges and air dirty laundry about an opposing attorney, these records would be sealed to prevent further scrutiny. Any judge worth their salt would quash this line of tomfoolery between these lawyers. I do have to hand it to Gerald Green… he may very well have hired Chan for all of the above reasons OR he is a victim of his lawyer’s personal agenda that has zero to do with him.

      I know it goes against transparency and full disclosure but I also know that principles in this case are reading these comments as evidenced by the post above. These kids don’t deserve to have this all be public record that they will read about one day. These records and the ensuing court battle records should be sealed and out of the public eye IMHO. Yes, that may sound strange coming from me but there ARE kids involved here and as much as I would like to see all the history come back to bite another unethical politico for any future political aspirations – and yes, 2015?, these sorts of shenanigans along with his questionable alliance with PSP etc. would certainly be investigated by a non-allied newspaper for any national bids for congress or senate or an appointed political post because it goes to character.

    5. Huh?

      We have found common ground, my friend. Children are off limits. Period. But the piece you are missing is what Amber submitted to the court as a response did not have one bad word written about anyone. Ask Gerald directly. Gerald knows why his marriage to Amber ended years ago. Scott Martin was neither a cause or a factor. That came right from Gerald!

      I tried really hard to find something bad! What was submitted on Gerald’s behalf, was not from Gerald. That is what makes this case a case that gives all lawyers a bad name. I know this is not a popular comment to make but Amber and Gerald are just as much victims in this as their children are. If you read the full document, you will see this has nothing to do with custody of two children that never required court intervention before and still is not needed. How Gerald got mixed up with Chan is from another completely unrelated case.

      And Becky, part of you knows I am at least a little right. Look how many comments your website gets whenever Scott and Amber are mentioned. People love them just as much as they hate them. Scott and Amber are interesting. LNP knows that. LNP also knows that divorce and custody reporting will only jack up Scott’s supporters. I am very fond of Greg Paulson but I told him that he would never win against Scott. What test did I use? I asked 20 people at a bar to name elected officials in Lancaster. Every one of them could name Scott Martin, half named Amber and some said Craig Lehman and a few simply said Stuckey. No matter how big the scandal, the people know them and if you add their children into the drama, it unites hard core republicans, will bring out the Trump voters and the Dems will almost always side with a mother and her children. People on my committee do not like Scott’s positions on matters. To that end we agree. But almost all of them like Amber Martin and even Craig Lehman has nothing but good to say about her. This situation will only make both Scott and Amber more marketable, more relatable and make people get up to vote for them.

    6. Nothing could have been submitted by Gerald without his hiring a lawyer and requesting custody. I have received more of the complaint and “Mother” wants to change their daughters’ school and “Father” does not want that. So they may get along, etc., etc., etc. but there is obviously a reason why Gerald would initiate a custody petition!

    7. And a state senator marrying a county treasurer is news. It is not gossip! It is news that the public needs to know!

    8. Becky – how does “changing a school” turn into this? In an ethical court, it never would have. And what judge would even entertain hearing any matter where two of the most known elected officials are named? Daddy Justice has said for years how corrupt the Lancaster Courts are and how lazy and gossip driven the Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts offices can be. Looks like Daddy Justice may find his champion in Amber Martin. Mrs. Martin has now gotten a first hand look at how corrupt a court can be to allow the exploitation of her own children. Think of it this why. That mess was filed and you immediately got a call or email, correct?

    9. The lawyers turned it into this. Neither one should have accepted this in the first place!
      — Chan – because she sued the county commissioners which then included Scott Martin.
      — Cheuvront – because she represented Martin’s previous wife Heather in her divorce from Martin.

    10. Stop Cryin' Amber

      Even if the Greens marriage ended years ago (as you claim) Scott and Heather’s didn’t. Scott and Amber’s affair ended the Martins marriage. Yes, there were other issues but it was the final straw. I don’t care what Jay tells you, I know another side and the L-S parent community knows the other side because we’ve heard it from a direct source.

      Additionally, let’s pretend all 4 parities were happy to end their marriages and have Scott and Amber move on together. Why did Scott and Amber lie about their relationship until days before the wedding? Why didn’t they come out as soon as both of their divorces were final? I remember Woo Cat sending a nasty email to Becky in September claiming they lost revenue because of her reporting. Less than 6 months later they were married.

      Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

    11. Comic relief:

      That neck beard isn’t fooling anyone.

    12. 🙂 🙂

    13. Stop Cryin’ Amber: You are correct. A looooong, nasty, threatening email that came from I just re-read it and steam is coming out of my ears! 🙂 The last paragraph:

      Because of your unethical reporting and malice-centered publishing, Ms. Green, representatives from our company, and Ms. Green’s minor children have all experienced undue stress, embarrassment, and extensive burden, resulting from your unfounded online published reports. Our company has experienced loss of productivity, client questions, and potential revenue loss as a direct result of your malicious reporting standards.

      * Edited to correct: the email came from and they copied in

    14. What is the time line? What are the facts? Facts matter. My responses have not been as someone at cheer practice or whatever team activity other commentors feel the need to weigh-in on. When you actually ask the people named and involved, things become clearer instead of “so and so told so and so who hates so and so and this is the results.”

      Even the name the previous commenter chooses to display for themselves is indicative of a bias and zero desire to care about facts or facts that do not paint the right people as bad.

      That’s not reporting that’s gossiping.

    15. This is the comments section, 2015? No one claims the commenters are “reporters.”

    16. What I find laughable is that for many of us, our comments stem from things that their lawyers have said in publicly printed documents.

      And if anyone should be sued, it should be them suing their lawyers for rumor mongering and using a very sad situation among feuding parents to promote their own agenda.

    17. Stop Cryin' Amber

      I do have a bias – #TeamHeather

      I don’t have to explain my name. The regulars around here know what I’m talking about.

      If you are so team Gerald why did you throw him under the bus yesterday? Yesterday “Amy” indicated Gerald missed a court date. I mentioned the docket showed the hearing was continued by Judge Workman so Gerald did not miss the hearing. You were quick to reply with the following:

      September 11th, 2017 at 16:58
      You are not correct. There was a court hearing on Tuesday, August 22 which is where the conflict of interest came up. Gerald Green was not there. Nice try! The hearing that was cancelled was for the attorneys to bring their attorneys because anyone with an ounce of common sense would see this as disgraceful.

      This doesn’t seem very #TeamGerald

    18. Facts do not throw anyone under the bus. They are merely facts. The problem when people care about teams more than facts, turns into this. But thank you for your comment. I have now joined team #getalife

    19. Stop Cryin' Amber

      Ha! You’re the one that started the teams by referring to being “Team Gerald” in your posts (see above and other posts yesterday). I just jumped on the wagon. Me thinks you might be an impostor and therefore unable to keep your team and story straight. And, that was a pitch under the bus. If you are so concerned for Gerald, as your posts have mentioned numerous times, you would not have rebutted my comment. #youshowedyourhand

    20. I know Jay personally. He’s been through a lot the past couple years. He is one of the best people I know. He is kind, sweet, loving, and giving. He’d give you the shirt of his back if you needed it. He loves his kids and would do pull the moon down for them if they wanted it. He loves hard and sacrifices himself for those he loves.

      I’ve seen him go through a lot and he still manages to be positive, optimistic, and forgiving. If you ever hear his story you’d see how good a guy he is. I don’t know how he does it and forgives.