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    Posted on September 9th, 2017 Becky 6 comments

    *    Representing LNP will be reporters Chad Umble, Sam Janesch and Mary Ellen Wright; Alex Henry, audience engagement specialist in the circulation department; LNP advertising sales supervisor Tessa Gilchrest; and Barbara Hough Roda, LNP/LancasterOnline community liaison.
    From today’s LNP article, “Coffee With LNP heads to Mountville Sept. 19,” (click here).
         I guess that makes it official: Roda is no longer the executive editor. Who will take her place? I imagine we will find out tomorrow.


         LNP’s Barbara Hough Roda has changed her title on her Twitter account from “executive editor” to “community liaison.”
         Is she out as executive editor and who will take her place?
    Please check back later today.


    6 responses to “UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** RODA DEMOTED?”

    1. I shed no tears for her, only for the community that she will be a liaison to.

    2. One of the dreadful three:
      — Ernie Schreiber
      — Marv Adams
      — Barbara Hough Roda

      The big question I think: Will her replacement be from inside LNP or an “outsider.”

    3. We can rest assured that he/she will feel right at home in the ivory tower. “Equal opportunity”…..I don’t think so!

    4. Ernie and Marv got the boot and were never heard from again. She’s probably being kept on for a while because she is a woman and they don’t want to make waves amongst the journo community.

    5. She’s an idiot. And, obviously, her kissing Steinman’s ugly ass at the expense of journalistic ethics didn’t work. So that makes her an idiot, times two.

    6. Im a member of the “journo community”. Trust me – firing her would NOT “make waves”. I am a woman, too. Neither part of me would give a rat’s ass.