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    Posted on September 10th, 2017 Becky 6 comments

    GROOMED FOR YEARS!The new statement in today’s LNP print edition of the Sunday News.

         Tom Murse is now the “managing editor” for news and sports. Don’t expect any major changes. They have been grooming him for this job for years. His father worked for LNP his entire life and working for LNP is the only major job Tom Murse has ever held.
         What a sad day in Lancaster County!

         Please check back later today.


    6 responses to “A SAD DAY IN LANCASTER COUNTY”

    1. Community liaison? What a joke. What will she do? Drop dollar bills from one of the LNP’s windows and report on who picks them up?

    2. 🙂 As you said yesterday, I think they are keeping her on to avoid an age/sex discrimination suit.

    3. PS Tom Murse really does need to get on top of his weight issues. I’m serious about that. He looks unhealthy in every pic I’ve seen of him.

    4. PSS Those neck beards don’t fool anyone.

    5. Barb is no longer listed as being a member of the editorial board…….what happened?

    6. I noticed that this morning as well. I don’t know Redneck – but “demoted” seems like a nice word at this point. She is gone from the editorial board! Wow!