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  • Rentas’ trial this morning, Michael Baker’s preliminary hearing this afternoon. Details tomorrow.


LANCASTERThe jury in the Marquell Rentas trial came back first thing this morning with three questions before they continued their deliberations from yesterday afternoon. They were:
— They wanted the large map of Columbia Boro which had been shown in the trial previously.
— They wanted a transcript of the police interview of Rentas at the Columbia Police Station. They were told there is no transcript but they could watch the video of the interview again and it was replayed in court this morning.
— The jury wanted the definition of conspiracy and Judge Dennis Reinaker read it to them.
     The jury left Courtroom #8 after getting answers to these questions at about 10:00 am this morning to return to their deliberations.

      Several important notes:  
The jury is all white (with the possible exception of one male who may be Hispanic/part Hispanic).
  One of the two alternate jurors is a black female.
— Rentas looked short, thin, young and scared this morning in court.

A BLIND EYE?From the LNP Facebook page on Monday after jury selection in the trial.

     Well, at least LNP reporter Jonas Fortune has eyes and can tell men from women!  But is he color blind? In this explosive case where race is certainly an issue, Fortune never tells us the racial or ethnic makeup of the jury. Not once in the above article or in any article since!
     This past Sunday, LNP pulled out their go to reporter on race, Jeff Hawkes, with a front-page article about teaching the topic of race (LNP made it an “insider” story online). What an absolute fraud!
     In this county where unconstitutional juries were selected for years to keep them white, and they have been notoriously white for years and years, racist LNP continues to cover up that fact and pretend that no one needs to know the racial or ethnic makeup of the jury.
     It is not journalism – it is disgusting and unconscionable! LNP does not have a single minority reporter they could send to cover this trial. Run this racist company out of town!
Please check back later today.


4 Responses to * UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** “9 MEN, 3 WOMEN”

  1. Rednek says:

    Sorry….my last sentence should have read…..”Lancaster County should be able to do better than this”.

  2. barry in winnipeg says:

    “to obey terrible”…? Proofread your stuff so we know what you mean, please.

  3. Redneck says:

    What ever happened to being judged by a jury of your peers? This seems like revisiting to kill a mockingbird. Lancaster county should be able to obey terrible than this.