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    Posted on August 9th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


         Good for David Hess! It took one concerned citizen to go in front of city council to get some answers and learn the absolute truth. LanCity Connect is not a public-private partnership with the city of Lancaster as we have been told repeatedly by LNP and city officials. LanCity Connect is simply another name for MAW Communications.
         I was wondering last night if Mayor Gray has uttered one true statement in his entire lifetime? He’s a liar and he hires liars and keeps himself surrounded with liars. And LNP doesn’t ever call him on it because he has been so generous to them and gotten them millions of dollars in public money. He even got them some of MAW’s money (or the public’s money) for sponsoring their Concert on King series. The corruption in Gray’s three administrations is shocking.
         There will be much more tomorrow – including David Hess’ full comment to city council – which I promised today but then there were breaking developments in William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP. I actually mentioned and quoted a Dave Hess in “WHERE’S THE MONEY, MAW? – 2” on this site a while back and while I can’t be absolutely sure – it’s a pretty good guess that he is the same person who addressed city council last night (click here). What an excellent thing he did!
         From the same article on this site named and linked to above, there is also the below screenshot of another item from that day. This is when I truly believed there was a “partnership” and some of the money from LanCity Connect came from the city (and I put in a Right to Know request). Not true – well unless you consider that all of MAW’s money does indeed come from the city taxpayers. Is MAW paying off LNP?


    *    “The community response to published articles and the fact that a person trusted a reporter enough to leak an audio tape so the truth could be told is exactly what this award is intended to honor — the trust a community gives its newspaper to right a wrong,” the judges wrote.
    From the LNP article, “LNP coverage of Manheim Twp. school board earns Pa. NewsMedia Association’s top award,” (click here).
         No, it looks like the superintendent the Manheim Township School Board was investigating, John Nodecker, who was forced to resign because of alleged sexual misconduct, colluded with the reporters and taped and provided the audio to LNP himself! Will the Pa. NewsMedia Association take back the award?

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         On a completely different note, Judge David Ashworth issued the following order in William Murry’s lawsuit against LNP, Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, investigative reporter Susan Baldrige and former education reporter Kara Newhouse. How much longer can Roda and Baldrige keep their jobs?



     Public-Private Partnerships Defined
    A public-private partnership (P3) is a contractual arrangement between a public agency (federal, state or local) and a private sector entity. Through this agreement, the skills and assets of each sector (public and private) are shared in delivering a service or facility for the use of the general public. In addition to the sharing of resources, each party shares in the risks and rewards potential in the delivery of the service and/or facility.

    From the National Council for Public-Private Partnerships (click here).
         MAW Communications is not sharing in any of the risk and the city is in this in name only and supplying all of the money. I particularly enjoy #7 under the same link as above – “Pick your Partner Carefully.”


         I may be slow, but sometimes I figure things out. This whole LanCity Connect business is a hoax. It is strictly MAW Communications. The only involvement by the city of Lancaster is paying and loaning this company millions of dollars.
         Presenting it as a “public-private partnership” makes it sound safer. It sounds like the city and MAW are working hand-in-hand and the city can jump in and correct items if MAW fails on an aspect of the job. That is incorrect and the city is lying. LanCity Connect is nothing more than another name for MAW Communications.


    **   From the LanCity Connect “Terms of Service” (click here):
          Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property
         You agree that the LanCity Connect name, logo and other devices are registered trademarks of MAW Communications Inc. and that you won’t misappropriate, dilute, besmirch or otherwise violate our intellectual property rights.
         You agree that you will not hack, reverse engineer, copy, modify, redistribute or resell any of our intellectual property. That includes but is not limited to the LanCity Connect website, mobile apps, billing systems, algorithms or any of the other stuff we’ve worked hard to create. Doing so would be a violation of these Terms of Service.


    From the LanCity Connect website (click here).

         Oh, this is simple alright. LanCity Connect is not a public-private partnership!  LanCity Connect is owned,  managed, and supervised by MAW Communications and the city’s only involvement was to give them millions of dollars in payments and a $1.5 million dollar loan.




    Lancaster city resident David Hess addressing city council last night about LanCity Connect and MAW Communications.

          “And as you mentioned, city council has no part in managing or providing the services or supervising what Lancaster Connect does and MAW does so I hope you’ve been in contact with them and they’ve done the same with you over your concerns?”


    City Council President John Graupera at last night’s city council meeting in response to David Hess’ public comment about LanCity Connect and MAW Communications (click here to watch the meeting and Hess’ comments begin within the first two minutes of the tape).
         Then who does? This is outrageous! Who runs LanCity Connect? Who is involved from the city? City Council has given MAW Communications over two million in payments and an additional $1.5 million in the form of a loan. Who does manage and supervise LanCity Connect? Anyone? Who will be going to jail over this?
    Please check back later today for Hess’ full comment and for the fourth time, LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher, resign!



    1. ” You agree that the LanCity Connect name, logo and other devices are registered trademarks of MAW Communications Inc. and that you won’t misappropriate, dilute, besmirch or otherwise violate our intellectual property rights.”

      Well,there it is right there. MAW owns the LanCity Connect trademark. The city doesn’t own it.

    2. Yup!

    3. Essentially, MAW is in control of the whole shebang.

      There HAS to be a reason that they were even considered,much less chosen. And I say that because of all of the previous crap that these officials and for profits have pulled.

      Remember when they lied about naming the hotel? And how the Board of Directors of the Historic Preservation Trust (mostly all business leaders themselves) jumped to buttress up the PSP by pledging three MILLION dollars to safeguard the facade (or something like that) of Watt and Shand? And then OF COURSE backpedaled and never gave a penny. But at just the needed moment on the PSP’s part, the HPT was there to blunt criticism.

    4. I was thinking about the Nodecker document you posted requiring him, and the LNP people, to bring any recordings or recording devices.

      The LNP might be able to hide behind the first amendment and the ability to protect their sources


      IF Nodecker is the person who recorded the conversation and planted the recording device, he does not have the protection that the press has. As a private citizen, he has to comply with the requests.

      IF that ends up being the case, well… yeah, take the award back folks. And since this meeting was confidential – and who’s to say that they may have gone to extraordinary lengths and stepped over the line – the dismissal hinged on sexual misconduct, to protect any victims and to allow him to go away quietly. I can only imagine that Nodecker’s incidents of sexual misconduct will be aired in court.

      Wanna bet that the LNP settles and it never goes to trial? They have a shitload to lose over this.

    5. Well said, huh? This is really exposing some deep LNP dirt and now I think we know why Murry sued. Wow! This is explosive stuff! LNP aligned themselves with Nodecker, but never told the public, and it was a HUGE mistake/miscalculation!