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  • *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * VOTE MARTIN OUT!

    Posted on August 28th, 2017 Becky 4 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Lancaster Police Detective Lt. Phil Berkheiser, who investigated the dog attack on the Warfel family on June 19th of this year, was himself involved in a vicious dog attack in 2002.
         From the article, “City will pay $185,000 in dog-mauling case,” there is this (click here):     

           The city agreed in late December to pay Leonda Washington, 14, after it was revealed police officials knew the dog had bitten an officer’s wife a week before attacking the girl but allowed the dog to remain on patrol.

         Officer Philip Berkheiser, who was the dog’s handler, personally apologized to Leonda and her mother, Ninivar Washington. In addition, the city police department’s policy on transporting dogs has been changed.
         … A witness to the attack, Joseph Nolt, described how Leonda looked after the 18-month-old Belgian malinois named Robbi, which weighed about 70 pounds, released the girl.

         “I just remember the girl was sitting up and shaking uncontrollably. Her face, neck, arms and legs were covered in fresh-dripping blood, (and) huge thumb-sized chunks of skin were missing out of her scalp, neck, forehead and thighs,” Nolt said during a deposition. “She was just yelling for her mother the whole time. The whole scene was surreal. I was feeling symptoms of shock, too.”
         …  As the dog attacked Leonda, Berkheiser emerged from the school and attempted to call off the dog. When it didn’t respond, Berkheiser pulled it off Leonda.

         An internal investigation was conducted, and Heim determined Berkheiser should not have left the dog alone in the pickup for more than 10 minutes.     


    Luis Colon (or Colon-Colon)

         I received the below response to my Right to Know request by email on Friday at 4:41 pm (the remainder of the letter tells me how to appeal which was not necessary as his mugshot was attached).
         I ran his mugshot earlier on Friday morning on this site because I had a feeling they would post it on the CrimeWatch website after receiving my request and sure enough they did.
         A friend and I have wondered for years what the Lancaster City Police do all day? And this is one of those cases where the questions are:
    —  Were the police just too lazy to investigate and charge the dog’s owner? Was it too much paperwork for them?
    —  Does Luis Omar Colon-Colon know or have influential contacts with someone “important?”
    —  Why did the lawyer for the Warfel family have to file a Motion for Emergency and or Injunctive Relief to preserve evidence in this case?
    —  What were the Lancaster City Police doing for almost an entire month before they brought charges in a horrific case that went national?
     —  Why didn’t LNP cover Colon-Colon’s preliminary hearing in this case that got national attention?
    —   Why hasn’t LNP reported on the Warfel’s lawsuit?
    —   Did the Lancaster City Police ask LNP to “back-off” and did they agree to do so?
    —   Why the discrepancies in this man’s last name and where he was living?
    —   What the hell is going on?

    —  To be continued…


    *     This anonymous email in Saturday (thank you). This is regarding two of the Republican candidates for Sheriff. 
         “Chris L” is Christopher R. Leppler and “Louie R” is Luis Rodriguez.


          Looks like the Reps R up to the same tricks.  Chris L been telling people he didn’t know the lady Reese harassed.  WRONG he was her 1st Supervisor.  Now he’s saying well yeah.  Plus bragging he’s got it in the bag.  Then they had vetting for the Sheriff job & sent Louie R the notice to the wrong email.  He found out accidentally just hours before his meet.  If wrong email they would have gotten bounce back.  Never followed up with him.  Lot of people thinking the guy who sent it (Andy) did it on purpose.  Louie R not saying anything. Class.  Like your website.  Lots of good news.



    (Click here)

          I want to go back to yesterday’s Sunday News this morning and the above piece  by State Senator Scott Martin. Martin has done favors for LNP and their convention center/Marriott Hotel so they protect and promote this disgusting politician.
         His bill was discussed on Philly’s TV Channel Six “Inside Story” yesterday and one of the commentators said it would have “a chilling effect on free speech.” It is simply unbelievable – going against the core values of this country!
         And there has still not been a mention by LNP of this investigative piece on Martin, “Exclusive: PA Lawmaker Working to Curb Pipeline Protestors Tied to Shadow Lobbyists for Company Behind Project,” (click here).
         Vote Martin out of office and run LNP out of town!
    Please check back later today.


    4 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * VOTE MARTIN OUT!”

    1. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Louie is getting screwed. Leppler knows it because Leppler’s people are playing games with Louie even getting a fair shot. How has Leppler not been disqualified for his various financial issues and giving the president Judge the finger? Is it because Leppler is white and a good Republican Party watch dog? I have personally heard Leppler telling people he has it in the bag and he will be the next sheriff. It is the biggest joke around our department. The guy that gives a judge the finger and has been served by our own guys for his financial issues will be the next sheriff. Go Louie! Louie has to win to blow this bogus party up.

    2. What is this story about giving Judge Reinaker the finger????

    3. Stop Cryin Chris!

      The guys were in line up and saw Leppler give the Judge the finger behind his back. Several deputies reported it and Leppler was magically gone for a day. Who the hell thinks it is ok for someone that wants to run our department to act that way towards the head of our entire court house? Leppler is protected by the union and his Republican Party membership. Do you think Louie would have gotten away with that? Hell no! None of the elected officials will even talk about Leppler getting away with all this crap. These stupid elected officials know what Leppler is and what he’s done but they all put their names on a list endorsing him. Anyone that supports Leppler’s financial issues and his actions should be thrown out of office. Pathetic party losers with zero integrity. Louie needs to win now more then ever. We need fresh blood in this place to restore order. The democrat candidate would also be a great option but the D next to his name makes that impossible. This entire process is rigged.

    4. God! What a soap opera that place sounds like. Meanwhile, any so-called professional with the emotional immaturity to give judge “the finger” “behind his back” should be fired, NOT promoted. It’s that simple.