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    Posted on August 3rd, 2017 Becky 9 comments

         Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will publish briefly tomorrow and then go on break for Saturday and Sunday and return on Monday.

    Sent to me on Facebook messenger today.

    —  Steven Markle – get help and do not contact me again – see the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above. Five years of being obsessed with me everyday! You would think your family or your in-laws would demand that you get the help you so obviously need.
        This is all you have done with your life for the last 15 years and I’m sure you have a folder with all of your Facebook names and log-ins (the way you did so long ago for the “Talkback” forum when you were many variations of “the crow” and the police raided your home because you hacked Ron Harper’s email account).
         You are Stanley Novak and multiple, multiple other names and DO NOT contact me again. You are very sick and a convicted stalker.
    —   See the comments under “Lancaster police arrest man wanted on Megan’s Law violations, burglary warrant” for an explanation of all this (click here).



         The Republicans are seeking candidates for sheriff (click here).



    *     Sell the Reservoir Street property without restrictions to the City of Lancaster, which stands ready to make the purchase.
    From City Council President John Graupera’s new website (click here) and the topic of today’s LNP story, “New website pressures Giant to let another grocer move in to former Lancaster city store,” (click here).
         That’s just a flat-out lie, John, and you should obviously know better. You city council members think you are gods or something! Even Mayor Gray disagrees with you and that’s a first!
         All of these worthless, lying city council members need to go!



           Thanks for the heads up Becky. I too am stunned that LNP hasn’t written anything about what happens now that the Sheriff has resigned. Ok not really haha. I do feel though that in the interest of full disclosure I should state that I was Louie Rodriguez’s Campaign Manager. This was of course public information & I was proud to have served him. So I guess I am biased but much happened during that campaign that signaled impending potential problems with Mark Reese.
    This comment in from Shelley Castetter yesterday.
           Thanks, Shelley! Please keep us informed if you can.
          There is still nothing from LNP about what happens now that Mark Reese has resigned as Sheriff. Nothing about the upcoming election and possible candidates. Unbelievable!
    LNP’s Facebook page states:

         The source of news and information for every resident of Lancaster County. Mostly local, sometimes global. From the LNP newsroom.

         They should change that to read:
         We only tell you what we want you to know (and sometimes we lie) so we can control this county and everything that happens in it and continue to line our pockets with more of your money!
         And speaking of control, there is this excellent part of a Letter to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition (not currently online):
         The Lancaster City Alliance is nothing more than the arm of LNP, High Industries, Mayor Gray and city council. The only thing they care about is the six-block magazine section of the city.
          As Republican mayoral candidate Cindy Stewart says:
         Time for change!
    Please check back later today.

    9 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – * TIME FOR CHANGE!”

    1. If you want to protest the closing of Giant, that’s fine. If you want to try to bring public pressure, that’s fine. But why do you flat-out lie and say the city is ready to buy it? What is wrong with these people?

    2. This Giant business is pure stupidity. Since when do private companies, even those traded publicly, answer to two-bit local politicians? Could it be Graupera is looking for a little misdirection from his charter school controversy? Looking to change the subject John?

      As for the Lancaster City Alliance, you are correct that it is an arm of PSP; however, it is NOT an arm of the Mayor or City Council…they are additional arms of PSP too.

    3. Well said, talking!

    4. talking – I’m embarrassed but what is the relationship between Carlos and John Graupera?

    5. ManorTownshipSucks

      Maybe power hungry, greedy, narcissistic, corrupt and morally, ethically bankrupt Manor Township Police Chied Todd Graeff will throw his hat in the ring. Then he can put the lives of everyone in the county in jepardy instead of, just, Manor. Oh…wait…you probably have to live IN Lancaster County. And it is probably a pay cut. Never mind.

    6. Why hasn’t Steven Markle been charged and arrested for stalking or harassment?

    7. I wonder if impersonating a member of the military, “Former Airborne Infantry at Fort Bragg, NC” would fall under the “Stolen Valor” law?

    8. Looks like Carlos and John Graupera are brothers:

      He is survived by children he adored…his three brothers, John, George, and Carlos

      His brothers John and Carlos will miss him always…

    9. Thank you, Anonymous!

      huh? – 🙂 🙂