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    Posted on August 18th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


         When the District Attorney’s spokesman, Brett Hambright, shows up at a crime scene you know there’s trouble. Apparently DA Craig Stedman couldn’t make it because he’s at an Animal Law Conference in Philly today.
         Anyway, a police officer is in hot water – click here for LNP’s, “Man kills self as police officer serves arrest warrant at Conestoga Township home,” and make sure to read the comments underneath.   
         Will the DA release the name of the officer?  Will the DA comment on how the officer handled the situation?
         Time will tell and condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. 
    Have a safe and happy Friday and please check back tomorrow.


    *    The following Right to Know requested was submitted to the county this morning.



          Scathing? Obviously LNP either did not read or did not understand the audit (I am going with number two) . One procedural error by the Board noted in the audit. There is no connective tissue between the actual audit finding and The Auditor General’s news conference ‘performence’. Come on Alex, be more through and complete in your reporting /headline writing!
    Posted by Mark Anderson, the Manheim Township school board president, on Lancaster Online under the LNP “insider” article by Alex Geli, “Manheim Township adopts corrective action plan in response to scathing audit by state auditor general,” (click here).


         Apparently, LNP wants to get sued again! Alex, why don’t you report on how your fellow LNP reporters and editors lied and broke the law regarding their coverage of the school board?
         Why don’t you report on how LNP breaks every journalism code of ethics in this country by their involvement in the convention center/hotel?
         Why don’t you report on how LNP blatantly discriminates in their hiring and doesn’t have a single minority reporter?
         You’re fresh out of college, Alex, get the hell out of there and go work for a legitimate news organization.
    Please check back later today.


    4 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – * SUE THEM AGAIN!”

    1. Have you seen this yet? And they said that there was no steel in the W&S building when of course as it was being torn down the steel girders were revealed.

      Would you trust a company with steel that couldn’t even find it? Or refused to find it of course…

    2. The head of the school board can’t spell “performance” correctly?

    3. Did they change the headline? They must have because “scathing” has disappeared.

    4. If Alex writes the headlines as well, maybe we can forgive him for trying to suck up to his captors.