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    Posted on August 29th, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         An interesting side-note to the Sheriff’s position: On July 7th of this year, I reported that noted gun rights attorney Joshua Prince sued former Sheriff Mark Reese and Chief Deputy Sheriff Charles Hamilton for taking away his client’s (GH) license to carry a firearm (click here).
          The suit goes on without the inclusion of Reese – and the Sheriff’s office has answered per the below screenshot. They could have “retreated or de-escalated” the situation. Very interesting!  I will continue to follow this case.



         The position of Sheriff of Lancaster County has never been more important following the Mark Reese scandal. Commenters to this site have expressed concern about Christopher R. Leppler who is a Republican candidate for nomination to November’s ballot.
          There is no question that despite working for the Sheriff’s office for 23 years according to his resume, he has had significant and repeated financial issues.
          He filed for bankruptcy in April of 2009 (see below) and from the Prothonotary’s Office his financial troubles that have preceded and continued following the bankruptcy are documented (also see below).




         According to Lancaster Online, Lancaster police dog enforcement Officer Yadira Garcia, county Dog Warden Travis Hess and investigating Officer Lt. Phil Berkheiser were responsible for the decision to leave this vicious dog for quarantine with the negligent, irresponsible owner. This decision to allow the owner to maintain possession and be responsible for this dog for any amount of time in any capacity is beyond my comprehension.
         If these are indeed the facts, anyone responsible for that decision should be fired. Officials who were aware of this decision and did nothing to rectify such poor judgment are not qualified to hold positions that are directly responsible for public safety.
    From a Letter to the Editor of the Reading Eagle (click here).
         Where is the outrage? Where is the investigation? Where are Police Chief Sadler, Mayor Gray and the city council members? Where is LNP?
         I hope the Warfel family also sues the City of Lancaster! This is incomprehensible!
    Please see the story immediately below and check back later today.

    3 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE * NOT QUALIFIED!”

    1. No outrage, just apathy. Legally, Travis Hess made the call about quarantine. He is state dog/animal law officer and his territory includes Lancaster Co.

      State dog law only addresses “after the fact” and prohibits municipalities from enacting any kind of animal law. There is no protection against vicious dogs in the Commonwealth of PA.

      Lancaster County and the Commonwealth of PA should be included in any lawsuit regarding the Warfel attack.

    2. I’m guessing Dickster is down the shore at Casa de Frankly and Mr. Brogan is running the show

    3. Brogan is ALWAYS running the show!