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    Posted on August 24th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


          I’m going off topic this afternoon because I received the below email and will come back to the police and Luis O. Colon tomorrow.
    Steve Markle continues to post comments on LOL
    He has been reported, but no action has been taken
    Stanley Novak aka Millie Logan aka Ed Exely aka Steve Markle aka Jay Low and probably others
         Oh, you missed some – “Edward T. Head,” “Joe Smith,” “Cindy Miller” and on and on and on.
         Ways to spot convicted stalker Steve Markle (see the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above):
    —  He will just talk about “crazy Becky” under an article on LNP as if everyone knows he is referring to me.
    —  He is a true racist and Trump supporter.
    —  He prides himself on his grammar and often likes to correct other posters.
    —  He is obnoxious and a troll and just likes to stir the pot with ridiculous and nasty comments.
    —  He will quickly become argumentative and threatening.
    —  He will contact other commenters he disagrees with directly through their Facebook or email accounts to harass them.
    —  He will switch from one name to another to “support” his comments.
    —  He uses his other names to “like” his posts.
    —  He acts as if he is a law abiding citizen and has never done anything wrong in his lifetime.
    —  He does this all day long and has for years.


         One story and done. That’s LNP’s way. Never question the police! (Click here for LNP’s, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.” and also see stories below on this site.)
          Patrick G. Sensenig’s obituary is here.

         His memorial Facebook Page is here.


    **   Lancaster city police continue to investigate. As of Friday, charges had not been filed against the owner, who has not been identified, according to police Lt. Bill Hickey.
    From the July 5th LNP article by Lindsey Blest, “Dog in Lancaster attack euthanized; Medical care continues for 2 children,” (click here).
         The attack happened on June 19th but the Lancaster police were still investigating as of July 5th? Something else happened on July 5th – A Writ of Summons was filed against Luis O. Colon by attorney Michael P. McDonald telling him he was being sued for in excess of $50,000 (see below).
         So, what were the Lancaster City police doing all this time?


    Luis O. Colon (or Colon-Colon)

    *     Look what showed up on the CrimeWatch page! The mugshot of Luis Omar Colon-Colon (click here and check back later today).





    1. It will be one story and done. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that if they do a follow up story they will have to identify the Chief of Police Michener who was present when this happened.

      Since they don’t write anything without first being allowed to by the DA, they won’t write anything more.

      And what is sad is that one of their crack team could write a really moving and educational and sympathetic article that didn’t place blame but rather serves to illuminate. I don’t think that Michener will ever live this down if he is a decent human being. This and the Bayne case and the old man who called for help and was subsequently shot and killed by the police all speak to a great need for better training in dealing with mentally ill or stressed individuals. Even in the court documents posted a while ago, it was exposed that Dickinson and the rest haven’t received any additional sensitivity training or advanced training on dealing with people who are not perfect.

    2. Agreed. I think there could be a really good educational/moving story about it. Compare this to the numerous articles on the two-year-old who was allegedly murdered by her caregiver. The DA must have given LNP reporter Jennifer Todd the green light to go after her bigtime to support his case. (I do realize that family members and friends came on and posted under the article like crazy with differing stories – but for Todd to write “‘I trusted her with everything,’ man says of cousin charged with his daughter’s death” – someone in the DA’s office had to give her the “okay.”) Sad, but true!

    3. I know that you have highlighted the drastic difference in how cases are handled by this DA. One that sticks in my mind was the Easter Sunday accidental shooting of the child in the city. Folks were trying out a gun in the basement when one of the bullets went awry and struck the child.

      Lots of blah blah blah by the DA and the drastic difference between this accidental shooting and the shooting of Cutler’s infant relative on Xmas eve. I’ve always wondered what happened to the family members charged in the accidental one.

    4. I will add that to my list and try to follow up. If I recall correctly, the judge was “kind” and I think had Cutler’s brother-in-law in the back of his mind when he sentenced at least two of them. But I will look it up and report on it here.

    5. I would love to see phone records of the people in the DA’s office and Cutler surrounding that whole shooting by Cutler’s brother in law

    6. Frank, I think you are a genius!