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    Posted on August 10th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         Another example of LNP selective sharing/reporting only what they want to, and only to those they choose to.
         This ‘news organization’ has become unreliable, untrustworthy and a disgrace to the journalism profession. Lancaster County readership and taxpayers deserve better; and only a clean sweep with a large broom will accomplish what has been needed for a LONG time.
         New ownership, new leadership, new editors, new reporters along with a new approach and ‘mission statement’ to provide us with the facts and nothing but the facts; regardless of who it may affect among the ‘power elite’..


         I found this excellent and so true comment under a Letter to the Editor from April of 2013 (click here). The letter involves an article written by former LNP reporter Bernard Harris, who lied to the public so repeatedly and so well for years about the convention center/hotel that Mayor Gray hired him to be the city clerk! Just one of many, many liars Gray has surrounded himself with for the last almost 12 years!

         And enough is enough! It is unbelievable that this has been going on for so long and all LNP and owner Beverly Steinman do is lie to the public to maintain their power and control in the county and line their own pockets – and that certainly includes “protecting” their benefactor, Mayor Rick Gray, his staff and the city council members, for years and years!


    **   Under the 20-year agreement, MAW will be paid about $500,000 to install fiber-optic cable and transmitters throughout the city. The company will get a share of residential and business subscriptions, which will pay for maintenance.
    From the LNP article by former reporter Dan Nephin in February of 2015, “City to get free Wi-Fi in public areas under new broadband plan,” (click here).
         How did $500,000 go to over $3 million dollars in two years?


    *    LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher “reports” on other happenings at Tuesday’s city council meeting but there is not one word about David Hess and his comment about LanCity Connect and MAW Communications (click here). This “reporter” has lied to the public over and over again about this “public-private partnership” and MAW Communications!                                                       


         It is so shocking that a purported member of the press would continuously flat-out lie  to the public this way. If you see Stuhldreher on the street tell him what a sorry piece of lying crap he is. Seriously! Click here for LNP’s, “Full coverage: LanCity Connect fiber-optic broadband,” and see 11 articles by Stuhldreher since February of this year doing nothing but praising the city and MAW and never questioning a thing!
         Stuhldreher has absolutely no respect for the truth, journalism or the public!



           City Resident David Hess addressed city council regarding LanCity Connect as follows on Tuesday night (click here to watch the video):

          I wanted to voice my concerns about the fiber internet rollout that’s underway called LanCity Connect. I realize that this isn’t directly related to city council but as it is a partnership between Lancaster City and MAW Communications, I wanted to bring this forward here.
         I’ve been a huge supporter of this project since the beginning and was thrilled to be an early adopter. But as the year has gone by since plans were first announced I’ve have had growing concern about the communication. A few people that I’ve recommended for the service go months without feedback – as well as some of their current technology. I have been in communications with them about a few things and go months without hearing back so what I wanted to bring forward here is more – I guess and urging city council in whatever way to encourage MAW and LanCity Connect to be more transparent and open.
         I think their communications with the city residents is key for this to survive and there’s already a lot of – their competitors – Comcast has already announced their plans probably in the far future but they are planning to compete with this so I think in order for this to survive, focus has to be put on the customer side of this which I think is probably slightly new for both MAW and the city to kind of be that part of a public private venture.
         Thank you.
         City Council President John Graupera’s response:
         And as you mentioned city council has no part in managing or providing the services or supervising what Lancaster Connect does and MAW does so I hope you’ve been in contact with them and they’ve done the same with you over your concerns?
         David Hess’ response:
         Yeah actually I have regularly contacted them throughout the past year but I’ve been not hearing back for a while and I’m actually reaching out to this meeting to kind of rattle cages. And I did hear back from MAW but that’s part of the problem – their communication is not fast enough or transparent enough.


    1. This ‘reporter’ falls in step with what the ownership, management and editorial staff tells him to do.

      A very sad commentary on LNP’s definition of ‘journalism’.

      LNP bends over backwards to protect their monopolistic interests and the interests of their cronies. The interests of the public, which they are supposed to serve, be damned.

    2. Let me answer…Rick Gray and his legacy (ego). Obama wanted the Iran Deal (accomplished but failing) and an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement (did not happen at all) to be his legacy. Rick Gray’s legacy was to be broadband. His legacy will SUCK. I expect that by the time MAW, nothing but a 2-bit, shoestring outfit of con-men who are merely smarter than the morons that run Lancaster City, get their act together, Verizon and/or Comcast and/or some new player, maybe even a wireless one, will be offering better and cheaper broadband service and we will have wasted millions, literally flushed it down the toilet, while the MAW guys retire to the beach. I guess that Rick can always claim that his failure with MAW is far less expensive than Charlie’s with PSP.

    3. Probably. The Con Center is a scam. The sheeple of Lancaster don’t question authority or people with money. Dale High, Frank Wiczkowski. They have to be looking at Lancaster while holding Mayor Dick’s leash and thinking: man are we gonna get fat off this hog!

    4. No one is better at lying spin that the Dick. Remember, he was the one who tried to convince us that the presence of panhandlers through the First Friday district was a byproduct of how good a job he was doing at bringing jobs into the city. Frankly, they beg for drug money where the money is.

    5. He is “good,” Frank! I will start making a list… 🙂

    6. Interesting that you mention Dan Nephrin. I was thinking about his tenure at the LNP and how they let go some reporters who had been there for awhile and brought on the young impressionables and unceremoniously dumped Nephrin and others.