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    Posted on August 20th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


     *    On a much lighter and happier note, I was waiting for the CBS national news last night and caught the end of the Wyndham Golf Championship and there was a name and a face I recognized! Yes, Amanda Balionis, who used to work for the Sunday News under Marv and Gil!
          I wrote about “THE LION IN BALIONIS” on this site many years ago (click here).
         Good for her! Click here for “Amanda Balionis: Meet CBS’ PGA Tour Reporter.”



    From the “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” tab above on this site.

     Posted by Preston Harper [Ron Harper, Jr.] on Lancaster Online under the LNP article, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.” (click here).

          Harper finally figured it out (see the comments under yesterday’s post). And “Edward T. Head” took down all his posts – probably because LNP moderators could figure out that his post and the posts coming from “Stanley Novak” had the same IP address.
         “Stanley Novak” is also Steven Markle and he is a very sick, demented stalker and racist who has been doing this for years. He recently posted this on Lancaster Online:

          So, if you see his wife, Cheryl Dum Markle, acting like a nice, normal person and are one of her 608 Facebook “friends,” and you are a minority or believe in equality and humanity – dump her sorry butt immediately! These are very sick individuals.
          That is enough on these stalkers and I want to come back to seriously look at this case and Hambright’s and LNP’s lies and the corruption in Lancaster County either later today or tomorrow.


    One response to “* HARPER FINALLY GOT IT!”

    1. Becky – this is totally off topic but an important story.

      Scott Martin has his hand in the pipeline cookie jar and introducing legislation to curb anti-pipeline demonstrators.

      Do you think the LNP will cover this? I guess that honeymoon must have cost a pretty penny.