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    Posted on August 2nd, 2017 Becky 8 comments


    **  Shelley Castetter, who at one time had a political blog and has long been politically active, has posted information under the editorial on Lancaster Online that reflects what I posted here (again, the link is here). That’s right! LNP won’t do it so she did!
         And she mentions Louie Rodriguez as a possible Republican candidate as did a commenter to this site. He ran before and this is an old campaign information page – click here.
         Her full comment is this:
         The Governor has the choice to appoint a new Sheriff. He can appoint up to 90 days after the resignation. The Chief Deputy becomes the Acting Sheriff, which means no change in that area since he has been the Acting Sheriff since Reese left. Randall Wenger head of the Boad of Elections has said that the Sheriff’s position will now be on the ballot in this November’s election even though this position would not normally be up for reelection for 2 more years. The Republicans are already putting their endorsement meeting together. Candidates? Well when Reese ran the first time his Republican opponent was an outstanding candidate Louie Rodriguez who was a Special Agent with the Attorney General’s Office and a former Lancaster City Police Officer. Coming back in? Well that remains to be seen.


    *    So…..what happens next…is a new sheriff appointed/ Is there a vote to elect a new sheriff? Who might the possible candidates be? Questions, questions, questions……how soon will LNP be able to provide any insight, so that the public can be well-informed ahead of time?

    This comment is posted on Lancaster Online under the editorial linked to below (I have made some spelling corrections).
         Exactly! This is absurd! Not one word from LNP on what happens next! Are these people idiots or do they have an ulterior motive/candidate they want in office to keep the Sheriff’s legal advertising in LNP?


         The long, winding and unnecessary saga of Lancaster County Sheriff Mark Reese
    The headline to today’s LNP editorial (click here).
         Unbelievable! LNP has another editorial this morning on former Sheriff Reese that is unnecessary, pointless and nothing but a stupid rehash of the whole situation and an opportunity to back-scratch some politicians so LNP gets favors in the future.
         What LNP should be doing is telling you what happens now. The public will go to the polls in slightly over three months to vote for a new sheriff and not a thing is known about the potential candidates.
         So, I will rehash what I learned and published  piecemeal on this site yesterday (thanks to the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association, Randall Wenger of the Voter Registration Office and commenters to this site).
         Chief Deputy Sheriff Charles Hamilton is currently the acting sheriff. He can only be replaced by Governor Tom Wolf. In the unlikely event that Wolf does appoint a new sheriff, that appointment would only be good until the public elects a new sheriff this November and Wolf’s appointment would end when the elected person takes the oath of office in January.
         The position of sheriff will be on this November’s ballot. And while it’s not a “special” election, it is in the sense that the sheriff’s office would not normally be on the ballot this year. The voters will be electing a sheriff for only two years this November so the regular sheriff’s office cycle will revert back to every four years in 2020.
         The Democrats, Republicans, the Green Party and the Libertarians have until September 18th to nominate a candidate for this year’s ballot.
         What the public desperately needs to know is information on any potential candidates so we can avoid another Reese. The political parties need to thoroughly vet their candidates and be prepared to give the public a thorough business and personal resume.
         There is very little known about any of the potential candidates and that must change. This site will do all it can to review the potential, and after September 18th, the actual candidates for the position of Sheriff of Lancaster County.
    Please check back later today.

    8 responses to “** – * GIVE THEM INFORMATION, LNP!”

    1. Becky, you’ve laid it all out for the LNP to rip, read, and rewrite. There’s a story on the front page today about a woman ‘buried’ in the sand in Ocean City, Maryland and it was “written” by the LNP’s Social Media Editor.

      You can bet that she WASN’T in Ocean City and DIDN’T know one thing about this incident until she read about it online and wrote about it.

    2. Did you ever think maybe one of the “reporters” hasn’t gotten a press release about it to rewrite?

    3. As always, a good one Frank! 🙂 🙂

    4. Those were my exact thoughts, Frank.

    5. Louis Rodriguez would be the Best outsider to Change that Dept. around he has the Experence in Rel Law Enforcement not like those in the Sheriff Dept. has or ever will have.

    6. Shelley Castetter

      Thanks for the heads up Becky. I too am stunned that LNP hasn’t written anything about what happens now that the Sheriff has resigned. Ok not really haha. I do feel though that in the interest of full disclosure I should state that I was Louie Rodriguez’s Campaign Manager. This was of course public information & I was proud to have served him. So I guess I am biased but much happened during that campaign that signaled impending potential problems with Mark Reese.

    7. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Shelley- be careful! Last time I endorsed Louie on this site the crazies came out in full force against me and were calling me names. I work at the Sheriff’s office and I am 100% opposed to Chris Leppler and I was completely against Reese.

      Is Louie going to get in this race?

    8. Shelley Castetter

      Stop Cryin Chris!

      Not sure what you’re talking about. I don’t remember seeing you endorsing Louie or any name calling related to him. Still that would have been 5 or 6 years ago. I am just confused by this “warning”.

      I have no idea whether Louie is getting in the race or not at this point.