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  • *** BREAKING *** – ** – * GET IT RIGHT, LNP!

    Posted on August 12th, 2017 Becky 12 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** The four Republican candidates who want to be nominated to be the party’s candidate for Sheriff on the ballot in the November election are below (click here to go to the site and read their Letters of Intent and their Resumes).


    **   He was placed in Lancaster County Prison on $100,000 bond, according to court records.
    The final sentence in today’s LNP article, “Caregiver charged with molesting 14-year-old girl in Lancaster,” (click here).
         He really is in jail on $100,000 cash bond. Notice in the docket below that there is no “percentage” amount filled in. He has to post $100,000 to get out of jail as opposed to Deleon, below in this post, who only has to post $10% of $100,000 to get out of jail.
         It’s not hard, LNP! Get it right!



    *    Yesterday in the comments, I mentioned Patrick Hopkins and the discussion of the city’s deferred retirement option program during Monday’s city council committee meeting.
         Today, LNP has the story,Rule change will let a Lancaster firefighter join deferred-retirement program at higher rank,” (click here).
         Do you understand a word of this? You should have seen Hopkins doing his long numbers dance. You can’t believe a word that comes out of that man’s mouth. I still intend to transcribe it and post it here next week.


    10% of $100,000!

          Deleon posted $100,000 bail at arraignment before District Judge Jayne Duncan on Friday morning.
    The final sentence to the LNP article by Lindsey Blest, “Mount Joy Township man charged with fracturing 5-month-old infant’s skull,” (click here).


         No, this 28-year-old did not post $100,000! He posted 10% of $100,000 or $10,000. LNP has to start getting their bail facts correct! This is percentage bail (see a portion of his docket below) and it is actually quite low for the two first degree felonies and the other charges he faces. Stop misinforming the public, LNP!
    Please check back later today.


    12 responses to “*** BREAKING *** – ** – * GET IT RIGHT, LNP!”

    1. Getting the facts straight is not in the job description for LNP ‘reporters’, ‘editors’ or management.

    2. it’s a disgrace, Rednek. This goes to the core of our justice system and it’s really not that hard! LNP should apologize.

    3. Stop Cryin Chris!

      LNP needs to research our sheriff choices. I can’t find anything on the Dems website to see if they have anyone running. I know all four sheriff choices and only two would not be a disaster.

    4. Oh, wow! Thanks Stop Cryin Chris!

    5. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Anytime Becky. I took a run around Lancaster city today and counted 18 homeless people. Maybe Dick can paint them and put a pretty flower on their carts and call our homeless Art Projects!

    6. Let see
      Bernie Grimm is 76 too Old

      Charles Hamilton a Sissy can’t keep his gun on him.

      Chris Leppler Can’t make it above Sergeant and using letterhead stating he’s the Sheriff

      Luis Rodriguez Extensive Career in Law Enforcement.

      Who will the party endorse? Someone Not fit to fill the spot of Sheriff.

    7. I agree about Grimm. Too old to be a PA judge = too old to be sheriff.

    8. And for the sake of argument I will add this:

      — Leppler has had financial troubles and almost lost his house to a (irony!) sheriff’s sale.

      — Hamilton concerns me regarding his response to the allegations against Reese. I need to check the federal lawsuit against Reese by Deputy Padilla again. How much did Hamilton know and when and what steps did he take if any?

      — I know very little about Rodriguez except good things have been said about him here. Will check on him further.

    9. Becky. What does getting facts straight have to do with LNP?

    10. It does look like Grimm can handle a typewriter!!! 😉

    11. That is an Old Resume he is using and out of Date.

    12. Political activities listed on a resume for a position that should be void of political influence. (Leppler). Priceless!