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    Posted on August 11th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


        It was on the front page of today’s LNP print edition today but did you notice how quickly the story became obscure on their website, “Watchdog group lists contaminants in Lancaster County tap water, but officials say water is legal, safe,” (click here)?
         That’s LNP for you. Everything is just hunky dory and fine and happy in Lancaster County – except for that whole Sheriff Reese thing – and we don’t ever question Mayor Gray’s administration and we believe every single word that comes out of Charlotte Katzenmoyer’s mouth and who even cares if you get cancer from the water? We don’t! Mayor Gray takes care of us and we take care of him. And we’re proud to be your community newspaper. Lighten up – who cares about the water?
         Sigh. Have a safe and happy Friday!


    *    What the heck? LanCity Connect (MAW Communications) posted the below on their Facebook page this morning (the below screenshots were taken at 11:30 am today) and the below comment was posted under it (now posted first here). Unbelievable! Has anyone seen MAW Communications owner Frank Wiczkowski or has he left town with a pocket full of money?


         Danene Sorace conveniently missed this vote last night, and a report/request by Randy Patterson to almost DOUBLE the CRIZ giveaway to PSP, but remember that she owns this deal and supports giving away more and more dollars to PSP through CRIZ, tax breaks, etc.
    Posted as a comment on Lancaster Online under the article, “Council approves financing for LanCity Connect broadband network,” (click here).


         Oh, city council member and finance committee chair and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace, is not going to be able to “miss” this unbelievable MAW/LanCity Connect disaster!

         Oh, let’s just give MAW $3 million dollars without checking their assets, financial statements, work history or their reputation in the community!
         She is directly responsible for this disaster and also the Marriott “expansion” disaster and needs to resign her mayoral candidacy today!
    Please check back later today.


    1. Stop Cryin Chris!

      That’s leadership friends. Going into an election so I will not vote on anything that may make people mad. I will just proxy to Dick. The city is fine we have great art.

    2. 🙂 And a new sign commission too! Can’t have any tacky signs with all that art! Seriously! Details to follow! 🙂

    3. They appointed three members to their brand new Sign Commission this past Monday night. “Their responsibility is to review and approve the design of signs in the Central Business District – not the rest of the city.”

      This is true and for real! Go to the “See-thru City – Lancaster, PA” Facebook page and watch the City Council Committee Meeting for 8/7/17.

      City Council Committee Meeting for 8/7/17

      * Edited to correct the meeting date to Monday of this week!

    4. These city council members just amaze (and disgust) me! The following email was sent to council president John Graupera this morning:

      Hello John,

      On the “PLAY FAIR, GIANT” website which has been attributed to you, you state:

      “Sell the Reservoir Street property without restrictions to the City of Lancaster, which stands ready to make the purchase.”

      Mayor Gray, quoted in the Lancaster Newspapers (link below) ,disagrees with this. Have the other city council members agreed to this? Should the public have a say in this? How much is the city willing to pay for Giant’s property? Where would the money come from?

      Why would you maintain a false statement on a website? Is the decision solely up to you? Do you intend to use your own personal money to buy it?

      Link to the LNP Article

      I look forward to your response.


      Becky Holzinger

    5. While I’m on a roll… there are two other remarkable moments in Monday’s city council committee meeting:

      Patrick Hopkins gives the most bizarre and lengthy reason for a proposed one-time change to the city’s Deferred Retirement Option Program that he claims would actually save the city money. No one on council understood it and Sorace even made a comment that only Patrick knows what the hell he said.

      After a wonderful presentation on the Lancaster Public Library and their services and how they fit in with the mayor’s commission on poverty – free internet and wifi – job searches – children’s programs, etc., etc., etc. – councilwoman Barbara Wilson said lots of people ask the city for money and they just don’t have enough to go around and maybe they should look for funds elsewhere. (Tell that to Frank Wiczkowski!) Unfreaking believable!

      Anyway, I hope to transcribe each one over the weekend and put both of these on the site next week.

    6. Couple of thngs. First off, this paragraph that reads: “Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property
      You agree that the LanCity Connect name, logo and other devices are registered trademarks of MAW Communications Inc. and that you won’t misappropriate, dilute, besmirch or otherwise violate our intellectual property rights.
      You agree that you will not hack, reverse engineer, copy, modify, redistribute or resell any of our intellectual property. That includes but is not limited to the LanCity Connect website, mobile apps, billing systems, algorithms or any of the other stuff we’ve worked hard to create. Doing so would be a violation of these Terms of Service.”

      That second to last sentence gives me the impression that Frank didn’t use a lawyer to write this up but rather a boilerplate blank “fill in the blanks” document. The phrasing “any of the other stuff we’ve worked hard to create” just sounds so middle school. Not the words a lawyer would use at all and a sentence that he created to fill in the blank.

      Also, according to this term of service, the city is ordered to refrain from any negative comment. The citizens have handed over three million dollars to this outfit but are banned from complaining if things aren’t right? I swear, whoever is in charge of these sorts of things for the city sounds like they barely have a high school education to allow something like this.

      And second, I wish someone at the meeting would have asked Hopkins how responsible he feels for the shut down of the animal shelter. He’s on the board and that board took a look at the maggot infested, half dead Libre, and didn’t see anything wrong. That pretty much got the ball rolling on the decline and demise of the shelter.

    7. I saw the “stuff” and thought maybe Frank was trying to be “folksy.” Just kidding. Maybe he didn’t pay his lawyer?

      The live feed was breaking up for me right when they came to the puppy mill resolution and I will listen to it again to see if the SPCA closing was discussed – I think it may have been. I did catch Mayor Gray talking about taking the “humane” approach! He really is a bad liar. LNP has been working overtime for years to protect that man! 🙁 🙂

    8. Becky. Of course mayor Dick is a liar. He’s a lawyer.