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    Posted on August 4th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         Today is a remarkable day! There is an absolutely ridiculous story about a pig as the lead story on the front page of the LNP print edition and an “insider” story online (click here  for, “Runaway piglet dodges Queen Street traffic, rescuer says pig needs hernia surgery to survive”).
         Unbelievably, there is yet another story about the tuktuk! Will LNP be doing daily updates?
         And there is an editorial today about legislators moonlighting and LNP doesn’t mention – protects – Lancaster County’s own Bryan Cutler who is one of the worst offenders (and one of LNP owner Beverly Steinman’s favorites).
         And still there is not a word from LNP on the procedure to replace former Sheriff Mark Reese who resigned from office this Monday. Not a word!
         It must be a proud day for LNP content editor Tom Murse. Feed the public swill and more swill! Will they notice?
    Please check back later today!    


    2 responses to “FEED THEM SWILL!”

    1. Breaking News: Brain eating amoeba dies of starvation in LNP offices

    2. 🙂