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    Posted on August 15th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


         One of the ads for LanCity Connect (actually just MAW Communications) that are running on LNP’s “story” today online involving their “Concerts on King” series, (click here).

         You cannot “schedule your installation today,” because as of 3:22 pm this afternoon the LanCity Connect website is still down. And once again, if unexpected public demand is at the root of their problems, why are they spending some of the millions of dollars the city of Lancaster has given them to advertise/sponsor LNP concerts? What a complete waste of the taxpayer’s money – and is that the reason LNP has not questioned one single thing about this company and the millions the city has given and loaned them?
         It is wonderful that the Candy Factory (who got an early, special hookup) is pleased with their service but how many others will get similar service and when? Many, many people are awaiting their connection, anxious to dump Comcast and get reasonably priced, high speed, reliable internet through LanCity Connect.
         That is what they were promised. Will it happen? LIP News will take a closer look tomorrow.




          I spoke with Anne Kirby, a founding member of the Candy Factory this afternoon by phone. She is featured in the LNP “insider” article from April of this year, “LanCity Connect: Lancaster’s municipal broadband is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania,” (click here).
         She said she is still extremely pleased with LanCity Connect and has not had any problems. She referred to them as a “savior,” because even with two accounts with Comcast, she said they could not get good service. She said the price for LanCity Connect is “comparable” with what Comcast was charging.
         She said she believes the demand was much greater than expected and she thinks that may be the reason MAW Communications is having problems. She said she has talked to a handful of the co-workers at the Candy Factory (they have 150 members) who live in the city and have LanCity Connect in their homes and said she believes they are happy with the service.

    —  11:38 am – The MAW Communications site is back up. LanCity Connect is still down.

    —   10:54 am – Now the MAW Communications website is down:

    ***  The District Attorney needs to start investigating this scam now! If Stedman won’t do it, then the State Attorney General needs to investigate – now!


    **    8:24 am – I got the below message once this morning when trying to go to the LanCity Connect website through Google. I got it again just now when I tried to follow a link on their Facebook page that would normally have taken me to their website.


    *    I updated this site yesterday (a new edition of WordPress was out and the same for several of my plugins). It took me less than five minutes. Granted, there was one time when it took me twenty minutes…


         MAW Communications (LanCity Connect) sent an email shortly after noon yesterday that their website was down. As of 7:53 am this morning, their website remains down.

         The email:

    Their website:

    Please check back later today.



    1. They took it down? Too many complaints.

    2. This is unbelievable, my goodness! You can’t make this stuff up! 🙁 🙁

    3. I’ve received “this site is not secure” notifications when doing research (not on Lancity but in other thngs). Most often it is because the website owner is upgrading their site or uploading massive amounts of information and their security status is compromised.

      With that message they have up now, it appears that they may have been making changes to their website and ran into a problem in the upgrade.

      Just my two cents.

    4. Understood, huh? – but this is the business they are in! If they can’t do an upgrade, how in the world are they going to give Lancaster city fiber-optic broadband internet at a competitive price?

      P.S. Their website was not that huge or complicated. It’s not like it was Lancaster Online or WGAL.

    5. Good points, Becky.

    6. I hear nothing of status reports from maw, nothing about benchmarks that should be met and penalties for when they are not met. This project has a bad odor to it

    7. I am so disgusted.because I was hoping to say good bye to Comcast. I was scheduled for installation in May. They cancelled appointment and have not yet rescheduled. I have a friend who had installation in May but has not yet been connected. While the whole city wide broadband internet is a wonderful,idea, they picked the wrong company. Did city council research MAW Communications? Enough is enough!!! I have lost all respect for Mayor Gray and DaneneSorace. For the first time in my very long life, I may vote for the republican for mayor.

    8. If I were there and had the choice, I think I would probably stick with Comcast. I know that everyone hates ‘big cable’ but I would much rather go with them than a fly by night company that seems to only really have the Lancaster job to do. You would think that they would be creating a primo and wonderful and perfect set up so they can use it as bragging rights to get more cities to come onboard with their company.

      Doesn’t make much sense to me why they aren’t going gangbusters on doing this right.

      Which brings me back to… how were they chosen and who knows who.