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    Posted on August 31st, 2017 Becky 4 comments


          The Hatchers on their wedding day on June 15, 2012. Their son, who is now six-years-old, has been whited out of the picture. Thankfully he was in school yesterday according to the DA when his father broke into their home, attacked his mother and shot a man in the house and then shot and killed himself.
    —  The tuk tuk is back in the news! Yes, really!
    —  Lloyd Smucker was on the front page of today’s LNP print edition.
    —  Lancaster City Police Officer Scott McDonald just had another incident with his horse that is very similar to one from several years ago.
    —  Lancaster City Council President John Graupera still has a huge lie on his website.
    —  And I really, really want to examine in detail how the Lancaster City Police handled their investigation of the horrific dog attack against three members of the Warfel family in June but that will have to come after the holiday.
         LIP News will publish very briefly tomorrow and then go on vacation until Tuesday, September 5th when daily publishing will resume.    



         The marriage certificate for Darren Hatcher and Jeaneen Hammons. According to District Attorney Craig Stedman today, Hatcher pistol whipped her, shot at her boyfriend twice, hitting him once in the leg, and then put the gun in his mouth and killed himself in Mountville yesterday.
         She had just obtained a PFA against him on Monday following two incidents on Friday and Saturday. It was delivered to him by the Sheriff’s office less than an hour before he committed the violent acts and then killed himself.


         The Washington Post, “‘Remember, we only shoot black people,’ Georgia police officer told a woman — on camera,” (click here).


    **   A screenshot of Brett Hambright’s, the DA’s spokesperson, twitter account taken at 9:55 am this morning.
         Isn’t that comforting?

    *    As of Thursday morning, it is believed neither incident involved random acts. The incidents are not related to one another, but the individuals involved in each are known to each other.
    From the District Attorney’s press release, “West Hempfield Township Police Investigating 3 Deaths at 2 Locations,” (click here).



          Where in the story does it say he is white?
    Robert asked this question in the comments yesterday under the post about the LNP article, “Teen found sleeping on Pequea Township road had loaded gun, machete and drugs,” (click here).
         No, Robert, the article does not say he is white – but it is obvious for these reasons:
    —  The 17-year-old was not immediately charged as an adult.
    —  He was not immediately thrown into Lancaster County Prison with his bail set at $50,000 cash at a minimum.        
    —  Because none of the above happened, the public will never know his name or see his mugshot.
    —  If anyone googles his name in the future (potential employers, potential landlords, potential girlfriends, etc., etc., etc.) the arrest/charges will not be found.
         And that is why, Robert, this 17-year-old can thank his lucky stars his skin color is white!
    Please check back later today.



    1. So did the Sheriff’s office fail to seize his guns at the time the PFA was served on him? Or did they fail to ensure they accounted for ALL his weapons? Whatever, the Sheriff seems to have screwed up. And a who’s in charge …oh yeah, the clown who failed to help Deputy Padilla when Reese was harassing her. And now that same clown wants to become the elected Sheriff. Only the Lancaster County GOP could support this.

    2. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Anonymous is right! Chris Leppler is that clown. Chris oversees the PFA office and he was well aware of Deputy Padilla’s complaints. Maybe if Leppler was an actual leader and not solely focused on back stabbing Hamilton, Leppler would have notified Hamilton about Padilla?

      Louie for Sheriff!

    3. The pool of candidates for sheriff is terrible. Why should these offices be elected positions? The most qualified person should be hired. The time for rewarding political ” good work” is over.

    4. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Ida- what is “terrible” about Louie? I can see your argument for the others but what did Louie do?