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    Posted on August 21st, 2017 Becky 10 comments


         The eclipse did strange things to people. Yes, instead of doing their “relentless, independent investigative reporting,” on, oh say, State Senator Scott Martin, the LNP reporters at The Caucus were asking that all important, urgent and penetrating question: What if George Washington tweeted! 
         Yes, I looked up the words and to the best of my ability “gollumpuses” means large, clumsy fellows and “fustilarians” are low fellows, stinkards and scoundrels. Hmmm… sound like anyone we know?




         This very important comment in yesterday (thank you):
         Becky – this is totally off topic but an important story.
         Scott Martin has his hand in the pipeline cookie jar and introducing legislation to curb anti-pipeline demonstrators.
         Do you think the LNP will cover this? I guess that honeymoon must have cost a pretty penny.
         No, I don’t think LNP will cover it! They are liars and thieves and Scott Martin saved their convention center/Marriott Hotel for them!
    Click here for, “Exclusive: PA Lawmaker Working to Curb Pipeline Protestors Tied to Shadow Lobbyists for Company Behind Project.”



    Mark Pugliese

         Regarding the police transmission encryption – I don’t know a lot about West Hempfield Township police Chief Mark Pugliese, who heads the county chiefs association and is leading the charge for encryption, but I do know the following:

    —  Years ago, when I distributed the special edition of LIP – “INCEST TRAGEDY” – he called and threatened me with a $300 fine for littering. Pugliese also put it in writing. Several years later, after I started this site, he denied ever doing that. That was a flat-out lie and I don’t like or trust liars.
    —  The son of a West Hempfield police officer, Devin Gardill, was charged in a violent home invasion for drugs in which he and a friend impersonated police officers. Gardill was allowed to finished high school and was sentenced to six months in boot camp.
    —  The West Hempfield police conducted a less than 11 hour investigation into the shooting death of 15-year-old Ibram Hanna in Mountville by 17-year-old George Rosado. The case was closed the same day Hanna was shot and the police and the DA’s office wanted to try Rosado as a juvenile.
    —  In the horrific abuse case of the puppy Hennessey, a West Hempfield police officer went to interview his owner, Mario S. Crawley, and said he was such a nice guy he couldn’t have done it. Crawley pleaded guilty.
    —  Very recently, West Hempfield police officer Bradley Rohrbaugh was “let go” and charged with insurance fraud.

         Maybe the people of West Hempfield Township need protection from Pugliese and his officers!



    John R. Michener – Chief of the Southern Lancaster County Regional Police Department (click here for his biography on CrimeWatch).

         He had a felony warrant stemming from last week and the same officer who charged him had gone to the mobile home to arrest him, Hambright said. Details of the charges weren’t immediately available.
         The unnamed officer was invited inside the home where Sensenig and a woman engaged in a cordial conversation.
    From the LNP article, “Police identify man who killed himself as officer served arrest warrant in Conestoga Twp.” (click here).    
          So, the LNP reporter could not look up the charges and see which officer had filed the charges? It’s public information and yet LNP would not release it? 
         And today they have the unmitigated gall to talk about “transparency and accountability” in their editorial about the encryption of police transmissions (click here)?
         The charging officer is listed as the Chief – John R. Michener – and he should not have given the deceased the opportunity to commit suicide. Period.
         LNP’s refusal to do their job and name him and hold him accountable is the main reason there is so much corruption on all levels in Lancaster County.
    Please check back later today.  



    1. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Becky- did you read the stupid “insider” article on LNP today? It is the most unbelievable crap I’ve ever read. They are giving some new program credit for reducing suicides which the article says that committee started in 2015? What about the amount of drugs that are getting in that place? What about the kid that just died there a few months back? Yup. Looks like LNP is working for that million dollars in advertising.

    2. 🙁 Oh, there is so much going on! I read part of that article – I stopped at “County Commissioner Josh Parsons, a mild-mannered innovator!” Oh, my! What B.S. I will try to get to it all…

    3. Sounds like Mark Pugliese has lots of reasons to push for encryption… keep the transmissions out of the public domain so they can work on how they plan on spinning the story to their benefit.

      That’s crazy that Michener is Chief of the Southern Lancaster County Regional Police. This deserves an investigation because if the Chief doesn’t follow proper safety precautions in serving a warrant, he is putting his fellow officers at risk if they follow his lead. This whole thing could have ended up with a much more tragic outcome.

    4. “A Pretty Penny” VERY interesting…I need to review my files to see if I can find a recent invite to one of the Senator’s fundraisers. I feel like Mike Musser may have organized one during Martin’s campaign for Senate or as recent as since the election. If so, I will see that Becky receives it.

    5. Recently had a conversation w/a police lt in a local municipality. I said, “The police chief where I live is corrupt”. He said, West Hempfield”? I said, “No. Why, is he, too”. Lt. says, “East Hempfield?”. I said, “No”. He kept trying to guess. Interesting…

    6. That is very interesting! 🙂 🙂

    7. It’s only $500 but Mike Musser/Better Government for PA has made a political contribution to Friends of Scott Martin since he has been Senator

      Other years

    8. Everyone knows Martin is on the take.
      Talk about conflict of interest
      He worked for Musser is a lobbyist
      It does not get anymore in the open than this.

    9. In the interest of fairness and accuracy, Bradley Rohrbah was NOT charged with “insurance fraud”. Just the opposite if one were to believe the Susquehanna Chief. He says they waited to hear from his auto insurance co. before filing any charges. Insurance fraud is not among them. Furthering the interest of fairness, the man is HOT. Jobless…but HOT. And he likes to go 4-wheeling in his Hummer. Hot, AND Fun!

    10. You are correct about the charges. From LNP:

      Susquehanna Regional police charged Bradley Rohrbaugh with a misdemeanor for filing false reports to a police agency and criminal mischief, a summary charge.

      As to his being HOT? Um…okay then! I have no comment… 🙂

      Ex-West Hempfield officer faces charges after allegedly filing false report on vehicle accident