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    Posted on August 17th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


          So let’s get some facts straight regarding Luis O. Colon and the horrific attack by his dog on three members of the Warfel family on June 19th:
    — It takes the Lancaster City Police an inordinately long time to investigate the dog attack (June 19th) and bring charges (July 17th).
    —  The police state the owner’s address is in Pottsville, PA when in actuality he owns and has lived at 727-1/2 High Street for years (in fact that is where the prior attack on a child occurred by the same dog in 2014 – the CrimeWatch report says it occurred in 2013; however, according to a lawsuit resulting from the prior attack and attached to the recent suit by the Warfels, it happened in July of 2014).
    —  Unbelievably, the police allow the dog owner to quarantine the dog on his own property for 10 days following the latest attack.
    —  The dog’s owner apparently uses a variety of last names – or the Lancaster Police Department reported his name incorrectly.
    —  The Warfel’s lawyers did not trust the quality of the police’s/DA’s investigation so they filed a Motion for  Emergency Relief so they could obtain and save evidence in the case.
    —  The preliminary hearing for the dog’s owner was yesterday, and in this vicious attack that went national, LNP ignored the hearing and they have not printed a word about it as of this posting.
    —  The Warfel’s filed suit over a month ago and the public is just learning about it now (I was so frustrated today as I was talking to a friend that I went to the Prothonotary’s Office and there it was – but LNP obviously has far more resources than this site and should have reported it a month ago).
    —  And of course, the mugshot of Luis Omar Colon (or Colon-Colon) has never been released to the public.
    There will be more tomorrow.


    —   Judge Leonard G. Brown III granted the Warfel’s Motion for Emergency and/or Injunctive Relief:

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         The Warfels have filed a lawsuit against Luis O. Colon (note the spelling of his last name) who owns the property at 727 1/2 High Street. It is unknown why the police said he is from Pottsville although apparently he also owns a property there as well.
         Click here for the below filing.


          Luis Colon-Colon, the owner of the pit bull that attacked and seriously injured three members of the Warfel family on June 19th of this year, had his preliminary hearing before District Judge Adam Witkonis yesterday. According to his docket, all of the charges were carried over to Common Pleas Court (see below).
         A mugshot of Colon-Colon has never been published. The final CrimeWatch entry states this (click here):
         As of the time of this release, Colon-Colon has not been placed on record (fingerprinted/photographed). When his photo is available it will be uploaded and saved to this release. 
        His photo has never been attached to the release and it is amazing that LNP did not send a reporter to cover the preliminary hearing of this man whose dog created an absolute nightmare scenario in the city.



    1. Nobody even knows where this guy really lives.

    2. Agreed. It is very strange. I actually called the police a couple of weeks ago and left a message and said they never uploaded his mugshot… Still no mugshot.

    3. No surprise, this is just another of Lancaster’s “just ignore it and it will go away” (until the next time), Lancaster will not be held accountable for any negativism though negative aspects are much more prevalent than positive ones.

    4. The really sad part about this, and just another nail in the coffin of Stedman’s desire to be a judge, is that he has a County Detective who, apparently, is nearly full time on dog law matters. Crazy incompetence.

    5. No accompanying photograph of Luis Colon-Colon must mean he

      A) Has important relives or relatives who are important to someone in the Hamilton Club old boy network.

      B) Has or comes from, money.

    6. (((((((( shakes head over mugshots )))))))))

    7. They fired all the writers who might know where to look in favor of a bunch of Heathers and Madisons who they can pay entry level salaries to.

      And as a result, this is what becomes the norm rather than the exception.

      But, hey, George Rosado is still protected.