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    Posted on August 1st, 2017 Becky 30 comments


          Puryear applied to Lancaster city’s health division in April 2016 in order to obtain a license to operate a food service cart for his business “Drinks on Wheels” and was photographed selling popsicles in Penn Square in May of 2016, police said.
    From the LNP article, “Lititz police are seeking the whereabouts of registered sex offender with outstanding warrants,” (click here).
         First and foremost, Jerry, turn yourself in! Do it now!
         As I stated previously, the Affidavit of Probable Cause lists this site as running a picture of him selling popsicles. And I did in May of last year (click here for the post). I had no idea if he had registered it with Megan’s Law – I had no idea what he had to register under Megan’s Law. I was simply having some fun.
         But he didn’t sell popsicles for long! In a video I’ve had for a long time, City Health Officer Kim Wissler and Police Officer Jose De La Torre (yes, that officer) showed up in no time and shut him down!
         Now, turn yourself in, Jerry!


    *    Randall Wenger corrected two things I posted. This is not a “special” election and that has been corrected below.
         Also, the Green and Libertarian parties may nominate a candidate to be on the ballot for the position of sheriff.


          The position of Sheriff will be on this November’s ballot, Randall O. Wenger, Chief Clerk in the Voter Registration Office, said this afternoon by phone. The position will be a part of the November election and will be for a two-year term only – from 2018 (they will take the oath of office in January) to 2020.
         Mark Reese, who resigned the office effective yesterday, was elected for a four year term that would have ended in 2020. So this election will only be for two years to catch up to the “normal” cycle.
         Republicans and Democrats have until September 18th to get their nominating petitions in and get a name on the November ballot to run for the position of Sheriff of Lancaster County, according to Wenger.


    *    I just received the below reply to my question to the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association regarding Sheriff Reese and his replacement.
         My question to them was: Sheriff Reese of Lancaster County just resigned. What happens now? Do the Commissioners appoint a replacement until the next election or is there a special election? Thanks!!


         The city plans to clean the underground mains and seal them with an innovative product developed by RePipe4710, a Lancaster-based startup.
         RePipe4710’s system involves heating plastic piping, curling it into a “C” shape, feeding it through existing pipe, then using high pressure and steam to expand and seal it.
         “It forms a solid plastic pipe inside the other pipe,” Katzenmoyer said. The number “4710” refers to the type of plastic used.
    From the LNP article, “Lancaster embarking on $2.3M project to repair crumbling water mains in Millersville neighborhood,” (click here).
         This sounds great and all – and a “Lancaster-based startup” to boot – but has this been approved by the government and where else has this system been used? What about water quality and the plastic? Where are the test results for this product? Are there any? How long will these new pipes last?
         Katzenmoyer has proved that she’s really not very good at what she does. How much investigation into this system has Lancaster done? Is anyone going to ask these questions?
    Please check back later today. 


    1. This sounds like a disaster looking for a place to happen. Only in Lancaster.

    2. We need to see some proven results! Less than a year ago, LNP reported this:

      RePipe4710 is still in the fundraising stage, with Nippes hoping to raise $2.7 million in three rounds. Nippes has put in around $300,000 of his own money, and the company has gotten $115,000 from friends and family.


      Q&A: Lancaster company patents method for replacing water pipes without digging them up

    3. As like with any Past Sheriff like when Phil Bomberger when he died any vacant office of Sheriff is up to the Governor to appoint a replacement and only He can do nobody else can.

    4. Thanks, Jay! You learn something new everyday! 🙂

    5. Sounds like another MAW deal. Go Lancaster !!

    6. Stop Cryin Chris!

      I can be helpful here.

      Chief Hamilton is acting sheriff until November’s election. Then the people get to pick the sheriff of Lancaster because we are more then 90 days away from
      A general election.

      If we were less then 90 days out, senator’s would recommend and Governor would appoint. But since we are more then 90 days away from an election, the people of Lancaster pick their sheriff in November.

      Start researching Chris Leppler now. He is telling everyone that the republican committee will be picking him as the republican candidate. The
      Committee will be making another Reese mistake. Facts about Chris Leppler are as follows-

      1. He’s a douche bag
      2. He meets with committee people in his office during work hours
      3. He has a terrible financial history. Just research county court records
      4. He dated several women at the sheriffs office and married one of them. Tell me who else other than a republican committee chairmen -chris is a chair of a republican committee- would be allowed to be a sergeant and oversee his wife???
      5. Check out his “conservative” overtime record. While deputies make poverty wages and beg for overtime- Leppler makes great money being a sergeant and taking all of the overtime.
      6. And he may have been given a day off for giving the president judge the finger a few weeks ago???

      Great guy and he would make Reese proud!

      Becky- as someone who has never steered you wrong, pay attention to this Leppler clown and do a write to know on him. He is telling everyone he has it in the bag for the republican endorsement.

    7. Is Hamilton going to run/try to be Republican candidate?

    8. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Hamilton hates politics and isn’t a political guy. He is probably afraid that because Leppler is a republican committee chair, Hamilton can’t win but the committee needs to get its act together and stop endorsing party bosses. Hamilton has done the job now for a year. He can do it but he doesn’t kiss the political rings which is all that seems to matter. Hamilton’s only saving grace will be if Scott and Amber Martin found out how much crap Leppler spread about them. Jay Green’s pregnant girlfriend filed a PFA against Jay Green and even people that don’t like Scott Martin were pissed that Leppler made Jay Green out to be some saint and blamed their divorce on Amber. Amber left that dude for the same reasons his new girlfriend has a PFA against him. One of the responding deputies to the PFA complaint even told several of us Leppler lied about Amber and now people feel bad for judging Amber based off of Leppler’s lies. So if Scott or Amber Martin ever read this, Leppler worked hand and hand with Josh Parsons to lie and discredit you both. People at the sheriffs office now know the truth and know Leppler lied! Remember this come voting time.

    9. Wrong Sheriff or the Former one ran and won the November 3, 2015 – Municipal Election so that won’t come up till May and Nov of 2019 for Election for the Term of Sheriff.

    10. The technology behind the RePipe does sound interesting.

      Is this the company’s first paid job?

    11. huh? – I agree it does sound interesting. I’ve checked their website and I thought I saw something vague about two other cities but now I can’t find it.


    12. The Procedure is to have a New Sheriff appointed to the remainder of the Sheriff term as they did when the following happened.
      Bergman was the county’s assistant chief deputy from 1979 to 1996, when he became the chief deputy under Sheriff Phil Bomberger, who died of a heart attack in December 2010 with two years left on his term of office.
      Bergman became acting sheriff, and Gov. Tom Ridge in July 2001 appointed him sheriff through the remainder of Bomberger’s term.
      They will Not hold a Special Election for his resignation as Sheriff.

    13. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Jay- there will be a special election in November. Just call the republican or democrat committee or voter registration. There will be an election in November and sheriff is on the ballot.

    14. Guys, I have the official word on the election and it is going up in a couple of minutes!

    15. This from their website:

      Work with Us

      Join our team of professional contracting firms. We offer our technology to construction firms across America based on a fair and honest platform proven by success.

      Does this mean that they will hire a subcontractor to do the actual work?

    16. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Told you. I’d never steer you wrong!

    17. But who does Dale High want???

    18. Frank, Dale High wants someone who will keep their legal advertising with their buddy and partner, LNP!

    19. huh? – It is in the Q&A with LNP:

      From that, we have two pilot projects on board, one in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and another in Hartford, Connecticut, that are going to use the product in two different applications.

      There are no dates and it would seem they would have to use sub-contractors for those.

      Q&A: Lancaster company patents method for replacing water pipes without digging them up

    20. "Stop Cryin Chris" AKA Amber

      Okay Amber, we get it — you’re supporting Hamilton for Sheriff.

      The real question is how does a government employee have time to keep posting on this site all day long?

      Everyone in the courthouse knows Hamilton is Reese’s handpicked successor.

      Obviously Amber has all the “inside information” because she’s in bed with the good old boy network.

      Hamilton is who Reese wants, meaning Hamilton is probably the worst person for the job.

    21. While I wish Amber would post here, I doubt it. She was not amused when I published “rumors” about her and Scott Martin dating. Of course, I was right and they are married now. I do feel I am owed an apology! 😉 🙂

    22. Stop Cryin Chris!

      This is why I love this website! My name is Amber now!
      Even better that Reese handpicked Hamilton to be his successor? The same Hamilton that testified against him in open court? Same Reese that got to hear how no one would answer to him. Makes a lot of sense to me. I admire your intelligence and appreciate the humor. Who should We The People support to be sheriff since I am obviously chatting with a very enlightened individual? Please oh please tell me oh wise one, who should our people call there sheriff?

    23. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Becky – I love our time together and adore how these clowns would honor me by calling me “Amber.” But we both know that ain’t true and this is another attempt to try and discredit me like these clowns all try to do because I give you information that is TRUE and it pisses them all off. And no offense to Scott Martin but he aint my type. Wouldn’t be caught dead with a man that where’s a suit. AND you now know that by these clowns making accusations and throwing tantrums that what I am saying IS true and they are SCARED. But I do so enjoy the back and forth.

    24. I appreciate your input, Stop Cryin Chris! I wish somebody would give us some insight into all the possible candidates. People are going to be voting for a new sheriff in just over three months and nobody knows anything about these people! WE CANNOT HAVE ANOTHER REESE!

    25. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Becky- they don’t want people to know anything about the “candidates.” Like I have told you before, Hamilton ain’t the shiniest apple on the tree but would be the most stable. Chris Leppler (person who called me Amber above) is just as bad if not worse then Reese. The best candidate would be a third party candidate or Louie Rodriguez who ran against Reese before. Democrat won’t win. Chris Leppler should never win and Hamilton is the best of what we have to work with. I supported Louie over Reese the first time. I’d be satisfied if Louie got back in the game but it’s doubtful.

    26. Well things have to shake down by September 18 and I will see what I can do to research some of these people. Thanks!

    27. Is this the same Amber who up and quit her elected post as a Manor Twp Supervisor?

    28. Yes, Amber Green was a Manor Twp. Supervisor. She is now the Lancaster County Treasurer and married to State Senator Scott Martin and I believe she is officially Amber Martin now.

      She and Scott Martin are both in this video:

      Manor Twp Supervisor Amber Green endorses Brett Miller

    29. I know Stop Cryin Chris doesn’t want me to start up again with all my info about Scott and Amber. There is NO WAY Scott and Amber would endorse Leppler because that is Parsons person and no one hates Parsons more than the Martins.

      PalsCorrupt – Amber hasn’t completed a full term for any office as has held – left the Penn Manor School Board for Manor Township Supervisor – left supervisor for Treasurer. Watch out – she’ll be the leaving the Treasurer’s office to run for Lancaster County Commissioner here shortly. Can’t wait to see this site blow up then. You might want to upgrade your server, Becky.

    30. I find it interesting that when I search the court house records there is no PFA filed against Gerald “Jay” Green. Amber’s ex-husband should be kept out of these comments. He is not political. He didn’t ask for this life/drama. Same with Scott’s ex. They shouldn’t be fair game since they do not lead public lives.

      We all know why Amber left her ex. It was for Scott. There is clear evidence. I could write a book. Most of Lancaster County could. Their relationship was the worst kept secret – even to non-politicos.