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    Posted on July 24th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


          A quick wrap-up of today’s events and then more tomorrow:
         Senior Adams County Judge John Kuhn did not issue an order today. He did ask Reese if he agreed not to visit the Sheriff’s Office for the next 24 hours or until he does issue an order and Reese agreed.
         Judge Kuhn also advised that the rescheduled August 3rd hearing regarding Reese’s pay was probably not needed now because most of that information was also covered today. So, I believe that has been cancelled and Judge Kuhn should be issuing two orders this week – one on whether Reese is enjoined from going to the Sheriff’s Office and the second on whether his pay will be withheld until the suit is finalized.
         Regarding the lawsuit itself – it is to remove Reese from the Sheriff’s position – and Judge Kuhn told Reese today that he now believes Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument have “standing” and can proceed with the lawsuit and that means they potentially can remove Reese through the means of this lawsuit.
         And there is so much more. Please check back tomorrow.    


    The rauchiest emails you will ever read.”
         Stated by the plaintiff’s attorney, Joshua J. Voss, in court this afternoon regarding the emails (Sheriff) Mark Reese sent to Jessica Padilla. “They would make Larry Flynt jealous,” he continued.
         What is Reese’s mental state? Is he mentally ill or is it all an act?
         What a day in court!


    “I SPOKE UP”

    *Jessica Padilla testified in this morning’s emergency hearing to enjoin Sheriff Reese from entering the Sheriff’s Office. Her federal lawsuit against Reese with the emails attached was introduced and she was asked if they were true and accurate. She said, “Yes.”
         She testified the emails were personal and sexual and all of them were specific to her. “He was thinking of me,” she testified.
         Asked about her reaction when she found out Reese might be returning to the office, she said she “freaked out. I couldn’t believe it. For me, it was like a slap in the face. We didn’t think he could come back.”
         She said she believed it would be “disruptive” if Reese returned and said “anything could happen.” Regarding herself, she said she feared possible retaliation because she said, “we are where we are today because I spoke up.”
          Reese was called to testify after Padilla and will also be on the stand following the lunch break.

    * There seems to be some confusion whether her first name is Jessica or Jennifer. In court today, it was Jessica. In the subpoena issued for today’s hearing and published yesterday on this site, they used “Jennifer.” I believe it is Jessica and will absolutely verify that.


    LANCASTER, PA – In an absolutely bizarre twist this morning, (Sheriff) Mark Reese testified in this morning’s hearing that he admits to sending the emails to Deputy Sheriff Jessica Padilla but he does not feel that that was sexual harassment. He repeated that several times during his testimony: He admits sending the emails but stated they did not constitute sexual harassment.


    *   The editorial is now online – click here.


    From today’s print edition of LNP – yet another editorial about (Sheriff) Mark Reese (not currently online).

         Today, an absolutely amazing number of Lancaster public officials are scheduled to meet in a Lancaster County courtroom at 9:30 am in an effort to enjoin (Sheriff) Mark Reese from entering the Sheriff’s Office. They are:

    —  State Senator Scott Martin

    —  State Senator Ryan Aument

    —  (Sheriff) Mark Reese

    —  Lancaster County Solicitor Christina Hausner

    —  Chief Deputy Sheriff Charles Hamilton

    —  Deputy Sheriff Joe Wilcox

    —  Sheriff Solicitor Brad Harris

    —  And Deputy Sheriff Jessica Padilla who brought the original sexual harassment claims against (Sheriff) Reese.

    Please check back later today.


    8 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS *** – * YOU CAN’T COME IN?”

    1. Absurd, ridiculous, idiotic on part of the county. Is legislation being proposed to avoid a similar situation in the future? I think the resources of we the taxpayers could be much better utilized. This has been and is an expensive form of comedic entertainment for us.

    2. I wonder if the LNP newscrap is going to follow this today or as always be ignored for the public to know what’s going on.

    3. Yeah, Reese is twisted. That was well known by the most influential GOP kingmaker in Lancaster. But they still put him in office. He sent raunchy emails. He created a hostile work environment for a subordinate. He must go (and so should any other Sheriff’s dept senior officer who knew of Reese’ s actions and failed to protect Ms. Padilla). But what about the other current and former county department leaders who actually screwed or allowed their senior employees to screw female subordinate employees in their respective departments? Why do they continue to hold their jobs in county/state government?

    4. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Becky, the “anonymous” poster must be new here. “Anonymous” Please spare us your “king maker” doctrine if you are not going to put a name to your references. We are all friends here and should openly share!

    5. Because if Anonymous would put in Print there own name on his/her post they would be Fired because county policy is your not allowed to speak of things that happen on county time and I personally know who this is and that person has a Grudge against the county for there past events, But hey it is what it is tho, But the sad part is this shit continues in the county work place like Harassment in the workplace & Fraternization in the workplace that the county has is Ignored by everyone then things like this happen.
      And as for aka Chuckie Charles Hamilton well he does the same thing but nobody will say anything about him because he thinks he’s gonna be the next sheriff and he’s a pretty boy to f*ck around with.
      As I said it all along until this county decides to get all these people out of office it will be the same all the time and it will not end.

    6. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Jay- I asked anonymous to tell who the “king maker” is that he was referencing. I don’t care who anonymous is or who you are. I do find it laughable if you are stating Hamilton sexually harasses women. I’ve worked with that dude for over a decade and half think he’s scared of the opposite sex. Never have I ever seen him even crack a funny joke let alone make advances towards the fairer sex. So that claim is bogus. And county policy is to go to HR and complain even if you get your feelings hurt. I have an updated copy of the manual if you need it.

      Hamilton may not be a shining star but who else we gonna get? Leppler tells everyone he’s going to be the next sheriff. Someone should investigate why Leppler is allowed to host republican committee people in his office for hours during the work day to gain their support for his sheriff run. Leppler forgets he’s a mini Reese in the making. Leppler has a financial history as bad as Reese’s AND Leppler has slept with several deputies. Not to mention he finally picked one and married her.

      Everything I write are known facts! Make sure you do the same.

    7. As to Stop Cryin Chris I Never stated he screws around with any Females on this site maybe you should Re-Read my post.
      I personally Don’t care what his type of person he likes or don’t and that be either females or males it’s his life but the county policies on Fraternization in the workplace is still in place for a reason and the county has always looked the other way on this policy but they shouldn’t because it leads to this mess.
      And this is the reason you Don’t have any Deputies run for sheriff people need to Elect an outsider to be Sheriff so that this stuff won’t happen but then again this is Lancaster county boys club and don’t rock or piss in the cradle on who should hold a elected spot.
      And maybe you should try to do your Work as a deputy and not be on this site with your comments during the day that you are working on county time and Yes I know who you are and you don’t want me to out you because then you might be out of work too.

    8. You won’t be “outing” anybody here, Jay! I have no idea who he/she is and will not allow the posting of any guesses as to their identity on this site!