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    Posted on July 7th, 2017 Becky 7 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Just when you think the Sheriff Mark Reese situation can not get any more complicated and/or ridiculous – hold on to your hats – it can!
         Attorney Joshua Prince, who you may remember filed a lawsuit against Lancaster City’s gun ordinance, filed a lawsuit on July 5th against Reese and Chief Deputy Sheriff Charles Hamilton in Lancaster Common Pleas Court.
    (The story continues below the screenshot and click here for the full suit.)

               Prince is suing to get “G.H.’s” License to Carry Firearms back. He has also requested that the court keep G.H.’s name and address confidential. And he says that only Reese can take away his client’s license and Hamilton does not have the authority. And mixed in with all of this is quite a tale! A 24 inch metal stake? His mother’s wrist was fractured? Was this in the news?
         Screenshots from the lawsuit and Footnote #2 are below.


    *** BREAKING NEWS*** —  This email just in!  Run, Christina, run!

    *   It is not yet 9:30 am and LNP has moved the story about Reese off their homepage! It’s gone! What the hell is going on?


    From the front page of today’s LNP print edition and an “insider” story online (click here).

         The GOP knew Reese was a dirt bag when he originally ran. They backed him anyway.
    Part of a comment into this site under yesterday’s post.
         Who knew about Reese and why wasn’t something done years ago? State Senator and former county commissioner Scott Martin is quoted in the article quite rightfully complaining about the money Reese is being paid to do nothing! But when did Martin know about Reese? When did District Attorney Craig Stedman know about Reese?
    Please check back later today.


    7 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS *** – * WHY DIDN’T THEY DO ANYTHING?”

    1. Its on the front page of the paper. What more do you want? Its basically a non story until he has a lawyer.

    2. Way off the subject, but another puppy mill is expanding

    3. OMG

    4. Can you believe it? OMG, indeed!

    5. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Why Chief Hamilton sticks around this freak show is beyond me. Poor dude receives the same pay, deals with countless headaches and does his job and Reese’s job while Reese is on his extended vacation. The issue is the county commissioners won’t allow Reese back into the sheriffs office so by default they are prohibiting him from doing his job as sheriff. As such, Hamilton is pulling double duty but as this lawsuit so clearly showcases, Hamilton ain’t the sheriff and nothing he does as the sheriff is valid.

      Imagine working in this chaos. Jerry Springer ain’t got nothing on Lancaster County government!

    6. The reason why Charles aka Chucky Hamilton is sticking around is because the Crooks in the courthouse want him as the New Sheriff because as like his Father Former District Justice he is just a Bump on a piece of wood with No mind of his own and is told what to do and say by others on the 7th floor at 150 N. Queen street Condo’s Cartels.

    7. Stop Cryin Chris!

      Jay – if not chucky, who?

      I am not disagreeing with you in principle but our other internal options that are telling everyone they will be the next sheriff are just as bad, if not worse then the current pervert clown that holds the title. Chucky might be a good ole boy but he deserves credit for keeping the ship afloat and he isn’t writing graphic novels to anyone in the department.

      But there’s always the back stabbing clown that sleeps with multiple women in the department, marries one, knocks her up, files for bankruptcy and the list goes on. Many of us can’t wait for him to run for sheriff. Many good stories to be told.