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    Why would LanCity Connect “sponsor” an LNP concert series (see the screenshot below from the “LanCity Connect” Facebook page)? Is this the reason LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher and the LNP editors are not telling the public the truth about MAW Communications – because LNP is getting part of the over $3 million dollars the city is paying and loaning MAW?
     The reason, according to LNP, that MAW had to “pause and regroup” (have they regrouped?) was because they were “deluged with much higher demand than expected.” So why would they pay LNP for what is apparently community outreach/advertising?
      This is an absolute disgrace and has possible legal implications for Mayor Gray, his top administrators, city council and LNP! This is truly unbelievable.



**   The below was posted on the “LanCity Connect” Facebook page. It is wonderful of Dave Hess to offer his help and everyone agrees with his sentiment. And unbelievably, apparently MAW is going to take him up on his offer. Can you help Frank? Do you know anything about fiber-optic community broadband networks? If so, contact Frank! He needs your help!


*     The below email was sent to at 11:00 am this morning. We will see if Frank answers!
      Of course, I’m sure the city’s business administrator, Patrick Hopkins, and city councilwoman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace checked all his references very carefully before giving MAW Communications $1.5 million dollars and a separate $1.5 million dollar loan!



The opening sentences to the May 24, 2017 LNP article by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher, “Meet Frank Wiczkowski, founder of MAW Communications, the company behind LanCity Connect,” (click here).
     Really? He did those two things prior to founding MAW? Did you verify either of those statements, reporter Stuhldreher? Is their one shred of hard evidence to back up either of these rather outrageous claims?
     Resign, Stuhldreher!
Please check back later today.

6 Responses to AFTERNOON UPDATE ** – * WHERE’S THE MONEY, MAW? – 2

  1. huh? says:

    When are people going to come to the realization that anytime public taxpayer money reaches the pockets of the PSP, LNP and/or High that behind the curtains exist just another money grab?

    I remember back when that guy received a million dollars for doing absolutely ZERO for the con center and hotel. And how some of the behind the scenes people mocked anyone who asked any questions about it. IIRC, Harper actually went to the guy’s house and tried to talk to him/interview him and saw the guy sitting in his living room. (my memory is foggy on the particulars but IIRC, the guy’s wife said that he wasn’t home).

    So, bottom line now. More city money, more TAX PAYER money going into LNP and PSP pockets. And how do the taxpayers see what is going on? I bet that less than zero percent of the people who attend these events “sponsored” by MAW even think of what is going on behind the scenes. Rather they see the concerts as evidence of Lancaster’s “coolness.”

    In the meantime fire stations close and city services decline. But hey, no problem because most of the attendees live in the burbs and have their own fire companies.

  2. talking says:

    I’ll help him, if he was smart, he would declare bankruptcy, move to Florida, and live off of Lancaster City’s money on the beach. Caveat Emptor!

  3. Talking says:

    But he said he did it….

  4. my goodness says:

    I can tell you where the money isn’t, our FIRE DEPARTMENT. Yes, we need online access much more than our fire department, it’s only public safety.

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