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**   Today’s big front page story in the Sunday News is about legislators moonlighting! But there’s not one word from these intrepid, investigative LNP owned The Caucus reporters about Lancaster County’s own Representative Bryan Cutler! Why didn’t he make your cut? He’s been doing it for years!
     You could have just re-run former LNP reporter Gil Smart’s March 2009 story, “Cutler hangs a second shingle – Legislator working part time as attorney,” (click here).
     And he still is (click here):


*    This is part of a comment under the Lancaster Online article, Lancaster County Commissioners order police transmissions encrypted, blocking scanners for public, media,” (click here):
     I am having a most difficult time believing what I just read.
As a lifetime radio listener – AM/FM/Shortwave/”Ham”/Emergency Communications, as well as long-time radio broadcaster and amateur radio operator, too often involved in emergency situations, I can’t believe it. Floods, Storms, Lost Persons, Nearby Crimes, Public Events, are just a few things we can monitor, and should. Our abilities to monitor all emergency services – they all relate – is invaluable to the public and must remain unchallenged.
As far as – The media, yes. The public, no:

     This, at least, certainly would be unconstitutional(?). Let’s all read that thing, again.
The media has no special powers, anymore than they have special badges acknowledging that they are “the one and only media”. Being a member of the media is a self-proclaimed designation, with no rights of knowledge at all above those of any citizen, anytime, anywhere for any reason. Though they may, sometimes(?) have that “freedom of the press” thing going for them, suffice it to say that if things are “public”, anyone who wants to be “media” will be fine.


(Click here)

     I knew LNP would fight the encryption, but LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, is only asking for a media exception and that is absolutely and totally unacceptable, irresponsible and legally unsupportable! Who the hell does she think she is and does she realize her primary job as a “journalist” is to stand for the citizens?
     LNP also needs to fight the courthouse cell phone ban. The only person I saw with a cell phone at Monday’s hearing for (Sheriff) Mark Reese was LNP reporter Jonas Fortune. That is unacceptable and this woman should know that! Open and accessible courtrooms are at the foundation of our democracy!
     Run this sorry excuse for a “news organization” out of town!
     Resign, Roda!

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