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*    These are the three upcoming events listed on the Lancaster County Convention Center “Events Calendar,” (click here):



Photo from the October 2, 2010 LNP article by Gil Smart, “Trolley put on a side track – No money for study; streetcars in storage. Desire lacking?” (click here).


                      Stuhldreher                Dick                   Nephin

 —  Pat, get me Dan on the line.
—  But Mayor…
—  Pat, just get him on the line – this is too important.
—  Hello.
—  Dan my man, this is Dick.
—  Who?
—  The mayor of Lancaster you fool!
—  Yes, Dick. How can I help you?
—  Dan, I need another story on the Tuktuk. Remember when I wanted a trolley, Dan? I mean the city even bought one and parked it where the residents could see it every day. We wanted to put tracks in the streets and have a real trolley. Can you imagine the photos of people coming from the train station to the convention center in a trolley? Why, oh why didn’t anyone want it?
—  The streets are bad enough already, mayor. When are you going to fix them? How much did that trolley cost and where is it now?
—  No one needs to know that, Dan! That website NewsLanc.com said the trolley idea was the stupidest idea they had ever heard.
—  Well, right behind the six-person Tuktuk, mayor.
—  Dan, we need to save the Tuktuk! This will be my legacy as mayor – forget the damn poverty commission – I want the Tuktuk to be my legacy!
—  You want a six-person, three wheeled vehicle to be your legacy, Mayor?
—  Damn right, Dan. Now LNP does whatever I want because I got that racist, greedy, corrupt company millions of dollars for that white elephant of a con center! That’s how good of a lawyer I am and now I want a story!
—  I don’t work there anymore, Mayor. You will have to contact Tim Stuhldreher, he took my place.
—  Oh, I hate that butt kissing fool! I thought you were a mad butt kisser, Dan, but he’s ten times worse!
—  That’s why LNP replaced me. He’s all you’ve got Mayor.
—  Pat, get me that insane, butt kissing Tim Stuhldreher on the line. Tell him the Tuktuk is my legacy project. It’s the only way to save the con center! Demand a story now!
—  Yes, Dick! I’ll dial him right now. Tim is that you…

To be continued and click here for the NewsLanc.com article, “Trolley Car Propaganda.”


  1. talking says:

    Understand something about the convention center…its does little or nothing to bring in new, incremental business, into Lancaster County. Its biggest impact is to shift business around and steal it from existing private businesses who cannot compete with the subsidized facilities downtown. Unlike two other projects: Spooky Nook and hopefully Rock Lititz, the CC is NOT, I repeat NOT, a major demand generator. Those claims have all been proven FALSE. Spooky Nook has done just about everything CC backers said the CC would do. It is Spooky Nook that is actually generating countywide hotel revenue and the hotel taxes that keep the CC afloat. Hopefully, once fully built-out, Rock Lititz can do some of the same. To my knowledge, Spooky Nook is a fully, privately funded venture. Clearly they should have been required to do some transportation improvements that they were not but in the end, they are not planting their head in the l”local” trough. I am told that Rock Lititz does get/is seeking significant subsidies at the state level. Obviously, they probably DO NOT need the corporate welfare; however, they are generating unique business for Lancaster County that would not be here without their existence. The Rock Lititz space is UNIQUE GLOBALLY. Spooky Nook is unique regionally/nationally. Our CC is not even unique within a 50-75 mile radius.

  2. my goodness says:

    LOL, forgot about the streetcar fiasco. We want golf carts legalized on city streets !!