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    Posted on July 31st, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         In this tweet by LNP reporter Alex Geli, he says Gray used to be a boy scout! At least that’s a change from the 500 plus articles where LNP reporters say he was a former defense attorney for 40 years.
         So, I’ll give Gray some tips on being a good Lancastrian:
    —  Tell the truth. (I know this might be difficult for a former defense attorney and you’re failing miserably at it but try really, really hard!)
    —  Do not hire a man whose ex-wife has written a book about him titled, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge” to be your Chief of Police. I really hope I don’t have to explain that to you again, especially to a former lawyer and boy scout, but I’m still trying to get Dr. Phil to cover it and maybe he can explain it to you better than I can.
    —  Do not claim to be at the forefront of civil rights and then totally align yourself with a blatantly racist company.
    —  Do not tell the city council members and the public not to second guess the police when that is how you earned your living for over 40 years.
    —  Do you remember during the one mayoral debate you told the public you’re a lawyer and you know the difference between a legal and a non-legal arrest so the police know they have to do the right thing? How’s that working out for you?
         I could go on for days – but let’s talk about the one really important item that has you going these days – the biggest item on Lancaster’s plate right now – that’s right – the tuktuk! The below screenshot is from yesterday’s Sunday News in their “The Week in Review” section.
         And I stated very seriously on this site that this was one of the dumbest things you have ever said – and the idiots at LNP repeated it in their editorial (click here):
         Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray said last week that the tuk-tuk is “an alternative form of transportation that appeals to both tourists and local residents alike,” and is “an easy way to get around the central part of the city.”
         That directly conflicts with the two petitions to the PUC! You are arguing that it is transportation, not just amusement/entertainment! Hey, Bob, let’s take the tuktuk to work this morning! Hey, Ethel, let’s take the tuktuk to go to lunch! Hey, Fred, let’s take the tuktuk to the train station! Hey, Amos, let’s take the tuktuk to go to Central Market!
         Have you lost your mind? Clearly! Those poor boy scouts!

    **   The LNP story is now online – click here.

    *    What a piece of sh*t Stedman is. This guy had to pay an attorney to prepare and schedule a day for this. Are Stedman and crew so totally incompetent that they just realized this case was happening today and made the decision to throw in the towel on the spur of the moment? Or as huh? suggests, was this part of the intimidation and harassment of him. Never would have happened if Staton was white.
         This comment came under the below post (click here for the original). Unbelievable! Staton and his lawyer were both physically on their way to Lancaster when his lawyer got the call!



          The above is from today’s LNP print edition (not currently online).

               Directly from the lawsuit:



    1. So, will “Officer Todd” skate as well?

    2. And the other officer is identified as John Doe. Yes, folks, another ‘we will protect complicit cops and FU, we will hide their names.’ Add the encryption coming up and the LPD can truly call itself bulletproof.

      And the LNP FINALLY covers the story. And FINALLY mentions Dickinson’s history. Gee, I wonder how long this story will be up before they bury it.

      But Lancaster people, buy into the sheepshit that the cops need to be protected with encryption, withholding officer’s names, etc. etc.

      Maybe in a year or so, LNP will properly cover the story of the lucky driver who gets to switch seats with a passenger and go merrily on his way. Sure wish there was a name to attach to that driver.

    3. I will give them (LNP) creditor one thing. They mentioned Mayor Dick and his brief but no further comment “frankly”. Then go on to mention they reached out to Chief n Fetchit who wouldn’t comment.

    4. What am I missing here? The lawsuit says the summons was filed 5/31/17 and the footnote claims Staton won his case at the magesterial district level on 3/16/17. Huh?

    5. You are correct. The attorney made an error in the year. The summons/citation was filed in 2016.

    6. Why does he say he won at the magesterial court? If he had won he would not have had to appeal.

    7. He did not win at the magisterial level? Where does it say that? He appealed that loss to Commons Pleas Court and that’s when the DA backed off and threw in the towel.