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    Posted on June 11th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


    Peggy Steinman

    —  This thing reeks of some type of sophisticated money laundering scheme.

    —  I was thinking the same thing. Money loaned to MAW who then turns it over to the LNP to “sponsor” concerts.

    These two comments in yesterday about MAW Communications, the City of Lancaster and LNP.

         I don’t put anything past the greedy, corrupt and racist Steinmans! Peggy Steinman is using her tax free foundation to give her employees bonuses. And she thinks she is so wealthy and powerful that she can get away with it!
         This has been going on for years in Lancaster County!


    5 responses to “WHY IS MAW “SPONSORING” LNP CONCERTS?”

    1. She can, has been and always will, get away with crap like that because Lancastrians don’t like boat rockers who question leadership of the status quo. Happy slaves to the benevolent Hamelton Club massah’s on the plantation Lancaster.

    2. barry in winnipeg

      Okay, but you still have this thing called the right to vote. And that includes voting for an independent. What you don’t appear to have is a candidate like a Bernie Sanders who can motivate the unmotivated to get out there and right the ship of state. In the recent Lancaster City primary there were two reform candidates who split the reform vote, allowing the ‘approved’ or ‘authorized’ candidate to win. A previous generation stormed Utah and Omaha beaches and won–against murderous opposition, but this generation can’t give the boot to the elite? Incredible!

    3. Dumb question: would you explain the reason that her tax free foundation giving employees bonuses is wrong? I don’t have a lot of knowledge about those kinds of things so I don’t have a barrel of knowledge. Is it because her foundation is supposed to be giving to charity but instead paying employees of the paper for instance?

      And would that be considered a slush fund that shuts up former writers and editors who are quite vocal in their editorials and stories but then mysteriously are never heard from again? Is this money used to pay off and silence naysayers who may have an inside scoop that they now can’t share in fear of losing money?

    4. I personally would not label this one money laundering. The situation with MAW is fraud (on MAW’s part – they offered the City a product that they could never deliver at the price offered) and stupidity (on the City’s part – they bought what MAW was selling and have made matters worse by financing MAW’s shoe string operation). The MAW folks will profit and ride the horse as long as they can and then declare chapter 11 and the City/City taxpayers will be left holding the bag. If you want money laundering, look at the CC. It’s somewhat no -traditional but PSP has RACL wash their profits and bath them with a “public” label so they can avoid taxes on their private profits. They are not ill-gotten gains (such as drug or illegal profits) made clean but they should be taxable.

    5. Together Keven Ressler and Norman Colon got more votes than Mayor Dick’s clone Dana Sorace. Sadly they cancelled each other out and it’s send in the clones. Now if all who voted for Ressler and Colon would get behind Tony Dastra, Dale High will be out one banjo player, and the Hamilton Club old boy’s won’t have a puppet.