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    Posted on June 17th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


          Just a quick note this afternoon: I was sent the Manor Township Police report very early this morning (thank you). As I stated, I saw it happened on the 16th and assumed it was yesterday. It wasn’t until I was speaking with Ben that I realized the incident happened in May but was just reported by the police yesterday.
         And I was struck by what Ben said about LNP refusing to cover any of it. They do that with so many important, significant stories that the public should absolutely know about. But if LNP doesn’t tell the public – then who will?
         They protect these public officials and the officials do them favors in return. Mayor Gray and Lloyd Smucker are the most recent examples of that having written legislation to specifically give LNP millions of more public dollars (the CRIZ).
         This has been going on for years but District Attorney Craig Stedman running to be a Superior Court Judge may be the beginning of their downfall. Facts about certain cases that LNP blatantly ignored or lied about are sure to come up during the election. How will LNP explain that?
         Days after Tuesday’s city council meeting, LNP reported what I noted on this site about Mayor Gray and his “legacy.” Oh, there will be much more coming on this site about this! The below screenshot is from today’s print edition and they cleaned up the grammar in the online version (click here):


    —  The below is one of several videos on on Kelly Ream (click here to view). Ben said this morning that LNP has refused to cover any aspect of this case and the scandal with the Southern Regional Police Department.

    *** UPDATE — I spoke with Ben Vonderhiede this morning by phone. He went to interview Kelly Ream at her home and she called the police. Ben has done multiple pieces on Ream on his website (click here). He said he has been working for months on an investigation into fraud in the state police pension fund.
         He also makes numerous allegations against Ream in his videos. This is a developing story.

    [Editor’s note: When this story was first was posted this morning I said this happened yesterday. I saw the date and not the month and I apologize for the error and it has been corrected. This happened in May and was just posted by the Manor Township Police yesterday. Ben said this morning he was not even aware that charges had been filed.]


    *    I ran into Ben in the Lancaster County Courthouse when I was covering the Ray Corll trial. He did not disappoint! He insulted Corll’s defense attorney Heidi Eakin to her face; loudly proclaimed that Corll had been a bad cop for years so Corll’s family who were sitting right up the hall could hear it and also said he probably beats his wife and discussed in very colorful language the shenanigans (affairs) going on in the District Attorney’s Office and more. 
         It was just a normal day for Ben!


          Ben Vonderheide, owner of the website “Daddy Justice,” got into trouble in May in Manor Township (click here). What did you do now, Ben?
    Please check back later today.



    1. What a loser. Seems an allegation without substantiation could be called a “false accusation”. Ya got any proof Ream did anything illegal?

    2. Ask Ben. He has a lot of videos up! I had never heard her name before this morning when I checked out his site. He has exposed a lot about the Southern Regional Police Department and may be behind John Fiorill’s retirement.


    3. Maybe LNP will explain they know (1) BV has no credibility
      (2) They did look into it, nothing to see here folks
      (3) They’re aware that his videos of the supposed scandal only get between 57-300 views.. not newsworthy and more likely just gossip.

      That said I agree there are newsworthy stories they do ignore.

    4. Becky, If Ben is your friend, he needs to be informed about his enemies. The only thing Manor Township Police Chief Todd Graeff hates more than being caught for stealing from taxpayers and lying about it to state investigators is reporters who expose public officials for the liars and thieves that they are. Therefore, Ben needs to read the PA Ethics Commision report on Graeff – readily available on their website. On the up side for Ben: Because Graeff was convicted of perjury (pled guilty – same thing) he cannot testify in a court of law. He is an “incompetent” witness, in the eyes of the law. IMO, an incompetent witness (no credibilty) makes for an incompetent police chief. But, I guess, that’s just me …