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      On Saturday, I highlighted the above ridiculous sentence from the LNP article, “Caregiver charged with defrauding 85-year-old woman of over $19K,” (click here). Her docket does indeed read that her bail is unsecured.
     LNP has not even bothered to fix it despite comments under the article pointing out the glaring error. A commenter said:
     She isn’t in jail
     Another commented sarcastically that apparently she wanted to go to jail even though she could be free.
     It is a sad day when reporters and editors care so little about the basics and the facts and also care so little about the public they distribute obviously incorrect information to.
     LNP may not care about journalistic integrity but they sure do like their money! There will be more on MAW, LNP and LanCity Connect tomorrow.




     On a second, tragic domestic violence story, the funerals for the Arnau family are scheduled for tomorrow. A GoFundMe page has been set up and the response has been wonderful (click here).



       I want to cover a couple of other items today, and once again, because of the confines of the layout of this site – they have to go on top of one another!
     Remember this story from April 26, “Manheim Borough man with history of domestic violence against ‘Amish Mafia’ star wanted in new domestic violence incident,” (click here)? WGAL-TV reported at the time that Esther Schmucker was the victim again in his latest assault.

Esther Schmucker

     But Imir Williams has never been arrested, arraigned, jailed and had his bail set! Why not? He’s active on Facebook!  Ask the people who are posting on his page or ask Esther. And I don’t care if she doesn’t want to testify. The prosecution doesn’t need her! There are hospital records and according to the story noted above, he knocked her down while she was holding a child. Enough is enough! Arrest this man! He’s posting on Facebook like he’s not even wanted on an arrest warrant!
     And Esther, I know you’ve heard it a million times over – but for the sake of your children’s lives and your own life – leave this very disturbed and violent man once and for all! 


***  Surprise – not! LNP has put the story online as an “insider” story – click here. 


**   The bottom line, Brogan [Mayor Gray’s Chief of Staff, Pat Brogan] said, is that MAW is reworking its process and that customers who are hooked up are “very, very happy and satisfied.”

The last sentence in today’s article by Tim Stuhlderher.
     And according to Stuhlderher in one of his recent articles, the number of customers who are hooked up is “nearly 100,” (click here).
     $3.4 million for an internet hook-up for nearly 100? That is patently absurd and sickening!
*    Though he declined to provide figures, Wiczkowski [MAW president Frank Wiczkowski] said MAW is making significant investments of its own money and resources in LanCity Connect: “We’ve got a lot of skin in the game.”
From today’s article.
     They have no skin whatsoever in this “game!”


The headline on the front page of today’s LNP print edition (the article is not currently online).


     In his third article in a week, LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher takes lying and deceit to a whole new level. This time he goes wack – that’s right – to Westminster, Maryland City Council President Dr. Robert Wack!
     I guess that’s because he can’t go to his favorite anymore – Christopher Mitchell, director of Community Broadband Networks, at the nonprofit Institute for Local Self-Reliance – whom he quoted in his last story (click here). You see, I picked up the phone last week and spoke at length with Christopher Mitchell in his Minnesota office.
      This is unconscionable, absolutely despicable reporting by Stuhldreher and LNP! There will be much more to come and I will link to this latest piece of deceptive, junk journalism when it goes online.


  1. Talking says:

    Kevin Bacon fromAnimal House….”remain calm all is well!”

  2. huh? says:

    One more jammed-through project in Lancaster. One more project that is already earning money for the LNP via taxpayers money “loaned” to this fly by night MAW who then turns around and uses that money to pay the LNP for concert bragging rights.

    Since you and the cronies are reading these posts and comments, Patrick, Tim, and Brogan, I hope that all of you realize that by playing games and withholding public info when it’s requested by using arcane convoluted baloney responses, shows just who you are and it’s not even in the same league as the bigtime Barnstormers.

    Becky, when it starts to get personal on their part, it’s a good thing for the reporter. Ask them how the restoration of the Montgomery House is going.

  3. Becky says:

    This comment came in under yesterday’s story and I am also moving it here. I disagree about the city officials and their culpability in all of this. No one can be this stupid – there is something else going on with these liars and thieves.

    I personally would not label this one money laundering. The situation with MAW is fraud (on MAW’s part – they offered the City a product that they could never deliver at the price offered) and stupidity (on the City’s part – they bought what MAW was selling and have made matters worse by financing MAW’s shoe string operation). The MAW folks will profit and ride the horse as long as they can and then declare chapter 11 and the City/City taxpayers will be left holding the bag. If you want money laundering, look at the CC. It’s somewhat non-traditional but PSP has RACL wash their profits and bath them with a “public” label so they can avoid taxes on their private profits. They are not ill-gotten gains (such as drug or illegal profits) made clean but they should be taxable.