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    Posted on June 10th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


    (Click here for the story including the above last sentence.)

         I realize that news organizations are doing away with copy editors, and editors for that matter, but come on! Konstantine Fekos has been a police reporter for almost a year at LNP! The woman charged in his story is not in jail because her bail is unsecured! This is basic, basic stuff and LNP has this as one of their top stories. Pathetic.
          Click here for more on Fekos on this site, “RUN AWAY NOW!,” and please check back later today. He should have taken my advice but now LNP may force him to run away – or do they even care? This is sloppy, sloppy reporting!


    One response to “SHE IS NOT IN JAIL!”

    1. From your Run Away article:

      “What sets me apart from my peers in looking for job opportunities and working through job opportunities is my strong sense of ethics as well as the dedication and reliability that is unmatched by the general populace of my peers.”

      WHAT THE HELL? Sentence structure? “Unmatched by the general populace of my peers?” “Job opportunities” twice within three words???

      Yup, he’s perfect for the job. From the above quote, one can only ascertain that the stoopid was just the right amount so as not to question the ethics of whom he works for.