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    Posted on June 8th, 2017 Becky 9 comments

    **  Between Comey, phone calls and cooking, I ran out of time today. I will come back to this tomorrow.


    From the LanCity Connect website (click here).

    *   These are the LNP headlines to articles about MAW Communications, all by “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher beginning with February of this year:

    —  February 16 – Phased rollout of LanCity Connect, Lancaster’s high-speed fiber network, to start this spring

    —  March 1 – Here’s when you can hook up to LanCity Connect, the city’s new broadband network

    —  March 1 – $3 million in funding proposed to underwrite residential rollout of LanCity Connect broadband

    —  March 9 – Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why

    —  March 29 – Council approves financing for LanCity Connect broadband network

    —  April 2 – LanCity Connect: Lancaster’s municipal broadband is the first of its kind in Pennsylvania

    —  April 12 – Podcast explores LanCity Connect, Lancaster’s fiber-optic broadband network

    —  May 2 – Phase 1 of residential deployment begins for LanCity Connect fiber-optic broadband

    —  May 24 – Meet Frank Wiczkowski, founder of MAW Communications, the company behind LanCity Connect 

    —  June 5 – LanCity Connect rethinking its deployment plan for residential fiber optic internet service 

    —  June 6 – MAW President explains decision to pause and regroup on LanCity Connect rollout




    From the front page of today’s LNP print edition (the article is not currently online).

         On Monday, I mailed a notarized complaint to the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission regarding LNP and the CRIZ money and this morning they state their editorial board met with Attorney General Josh Shapiro yesterday about ethics and integrity!  
         Lightning should strike these folks any minute.
    There will be more on this and why MAW Communications is sponsoring LNP concerts later today!


    9 responses to “** – * LISTEN TO THE MUSIC?”

    1. This comment came in under the story below and I am also moving it here:

      I’m an outside observer with no dog in the fight, but this broadband thing seems to be beyond the pale even for Lancaster City. Where is the public outrage over such incompetence? Really!

    2. Do they even have the necessary “transfer station/outhouses” in place that Musser Park area residents rejected for Musser Park. Last I heard they didn’t and had no idea where to build them.

    3. It’s come down to this. “This Lanc is Your Lanc”

      * Edited by Becky to make it a hyperlink.

    4. OMG Frank! How do you find these things? I didn’t think anything could top Comey today – but this is close! I am in shock! 🙂

    5. A friend of mine from out state sent it to me. I mean what can you say? More disturbing are five star comments from the Lemmings.

    6. Regarding the AG and “ethics” article. Did the LNP address the porn emails circulated by the judiciary and their subordinates? Will the AG sanction those judges who circulated the emails? Will the AG release the names of the egregious parties?

      Of course not. The LNP didn’t ask and the AG won’t tell. Instead the usual press and AG collusion will continue.

      Shouldn’t candidates for state judgeships and any judges who are elected by the populace be either sanctioned or cleared for the election process?

      So much of those emails concerned the degradation of women. Not your basic every day porn that we see inadvertently all the time but the kind of porn that reduces women to objects and animals. Do we want judges who try rape and abuse trials who also find it just fine and dandy to circulate emails that glorify rape and abuse?

      That would be what I would have asked this AG fellow.

    7. Regarding MAW – there are a number of cities around the US that have these fiber optic networks. Did the city council even investigate how they are doing and who installed them?

      Where did this fly-by-night company acquire credibility with the people who make the decisions? How did they even get on the city’s radar?

    8. Good questions, huh?. About all I know at this point is that the City of Reading was considering doing the same thing with MAW about five years ago and then did not go through with it.

    9. Regarding the email scandal – they directly affect a judge in a court case regarding a death row inmate I have been covering from time to time for several years now on this site. I hope to come to it shortly.