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    Posted on June 7th, 2017 Becky 5 comments
         I have tried to immerse myself in broadband systems this afternoon (sigh!). This will be continued tomorrow! If MAW’s problem is “more demand than expected,” then why are they spending their (well actually Lancaster’s) money to sponsor LNP’s “Concerts on King” series?

     *   Stuhldreher has the unmitigated gall to say this:
         Online comments suggest that customers are willing to give LanCity Connect the benefit of the doubt.
         He is just making that up and lying! And the first comment under his article begins with this:
         Their customer service is worse than Comcast. I’ve never reached a human voice and have left repeated messages without a single return call. 
         Resign, Stuhldreher!


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         This is simply unbelievable! This is Tim Stuhldreher’s second article in as many days bending over backward (and flat-out lying) to put this company in a good light (check two posts down for yesterday morning’s post about this before it got overshadowed by the horrific events of yesterday). Does he work for MAW Communications or LNP? Does he (or anyone at LNP) know that the first principle of journalism is to tell the truth?
         The City of Lancaster has paid MAW $1.4 million dollars, intends to pay them another $1.5 million dollars and has loaned them $1.5 million dollars.
         And do you know what the city has to show for that? According to Stuhldreher:
         Nearly 100 subscribers will have service by the end of the week, Wiczkowski [Frank Wiczkowski, president of MAW Communications] said.
         100 subscribers? Is that a sick joke? And how about the word “nearly” which clearly should be replaced by “only.” 100 subscribers for $3.4 million dollars? Why don’t you have Frank explain that to the public?
         As I said yesterday, Tim Stuhldreher needs to resign today. What a disgrace he is to the public he is supposed to inform!
    Please check back later today.


    5 responses to “* FOR $3.4 MILLION DOLLARS!”

    1. “deluged with higher demand than anticipated” Liar. Everyone had to pre register, appointments had to be made for installation, they (MAW) knew exactly what they were getting into. This guy has zero credibility. If the city didn’t figure out this scam before they sure should now after reading this article.

    2. There are sooooo many lies in these articles! You are right, my goodness! 🙁 🙁

    3. Once again, Lancaster government throws good money after bad. A one trick pony operation with ZERO track record and holdings that amount to one dilapidated building.

      Who found this group of one parading as a real company? How did they do the presentation and who invited them to do so?

      I wonder if someone digs a little deeper that they might find silent partners with ties to downtown Lancaster projects.

      Yet another “top down” failure. Lancaster is full of them. Schools go wanting, tax rolls decrease, fire and police go wanting… a concrete example of the police failures is the number of unsolved murders and other crimes. An invisible police chief who would do well to use money wasted on MAW to train his force on dealing with the mentally ill without SWAT teams.

      And on and on. I believe that at the bottom of this debacle you will find one of the usual major players who pushed this failure on the masses to fill their already overflowing pockets.

    4. barry in winnipeg

      I’m an outside observer with no dog in the fight, but this broadband thing seems to be beyond the pale even for Lancaster City. Where is the public outrage over such incompetence? Really!

    5. And let’s not forget, this all happened within blocks of the office of Craig Stedman. Along with a number of other outrAgeous actions by him, let’s hope this is the final straw that causes him to fail in his bid to become a judge.