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    Posted on June 15th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         Benchmark Construction was mentioned during Tuesday’s Poverty Commission update given to city council because Marcus Grimm of Benchmark heads their “Communications Action Team.” And back when the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry had their $225 a plate annual dinner and I mentioned someone compared it to a prom but I couldn’t remember who? It was Grimm (click here and see below)! Oh, what tangled webs the Lancaster white, elite and powerful weave!


    ***  Also during the Poverty Commission’s report at Tuesday’s city council meeting, Benchmark Construction was named and I have to go back and re-listen to the tape very carefully.
         Benchmark Construction is where city council woman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace’s husband works. From the LNP “insider” article, “Analysis: Lancaster’s Democratic mayoral candidates spent $6.54 per vote in primary,” there is this (click here):
         She [Sorace] received 16 donations of $1,000 or more, by far the most among the three candidates. That includes $11,500 from a half-dozen donors affiliated with Benchmark Construction Co., the workplace of her husband, Christian Recknagel. Recknagel is credited with an in-kind contribution of $705 in scotch and cigars for a fundraiser, part of $1,192 in total in-kind donations.
         And Sorace’s top two donations at $2,500 each, were from the Chairman and the President of Benchmark Construction pictured above. This already has a certain strong stench to it. There will be much more to come.



     **   In Tuesday’s city council meeting, Pat Brogan, Mayor Gray’s Chief  of Staff, said Gray wants the Poverty Commission to be his “legacy initiative.” You can’t make this stuff up!
         Since it was Gray who contributed to the problem by lying to the public to win election and then immediately doing an about-face regarding LNP’s convention center/hotel, I imagine poverty, deceit and arrogance will indeed be his legacy!


    *    This is the top story on Lancaster Online this morning (click here)! I am not kidding. And I don’t give a dog’s tail about the story because if I wanted to eat with dogs I’d take a sandwich to a Lancaster City Council meeting!
         But what caught my eye was LNP has a new staff writer. Yes, check the byline on the story. So, has LNP diversified their staff?


         The below is from a “SPECIAL REPORT” published on this site on March 9th. We still don’t know where else MAW has “rolled out” before or if this is strictly a lie and fraud by Hopkins and MAW. The full original story is here and the link to the LNP article cited in the screenshot is here.
    Please check back later today.

    7 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE *** – ** – * EXTRAPOLATIONS?”


      Re staff diversification. Nah, not on your life. My guess is summer intern. Good republican white bread chick.

    2. OMG! I hadn’t found that, huh?!! Is she perfect for LNP or what? OMG!

    3. She is perfect. BTW, Cicero is an Italian name.I had friends by the last name Cicero. Comes from the Roman statesman Cicero.

      That is not to say that there aren’t all sorts of people with that last name… just that I studied Cicero in college as well as knew people by that name in my grandparent’s ‘hood 🙂

    4. Regarding complaints to state agencies about the dogs. That is just SO Pennsylvania style of citizen “activism.” As I’ve said before, I’ve never lived anywhere where there are so many rules and regulations as when in Pennsylvania.

      What is so funny to me about that is that regular citizens can be nickeled and dimed to death with all those nitpicky laws created to repress your every day citizens.

      And in the meantime, as evidenced by the members of the PSP, those families, enjoy the freedom to flout for their own enrichment all the while the proles and bougies are clueless in their pursuit of law and order.

    5. As PSP, Dale High, and Hamilton Club members all know. Lancaster Countians don’t question leadership. Only trouble making boat rockers do that. Silence of the lemmings has made many people rich.

    6. Has Benchmark done any downtown subcontracting for High Construction?

    7. Besides multiple LGH projects, here are a few that stand out: