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    Posted on June 5th, 2017 Becky 3 comments



    Thomas and Susan Baldrige

          The below Ethics Complaint was completed, notarized and mailed today. I will have much more on this and the totally corrupt Lancaster Newspapers (LNP Media Group, Inc.) and the Baldriges tomorrow.



    From today’s LNP print edition and online titled, “How should statewide judges get their jobs? Rep. Cutler pushes for merit-selection, not election,” (click here). [Please note that LNP’s political reporter and the author of this article, Sam Janesch, was still in college when the below happened! ]

         It doesn’t get anymore hypocritical, ironic and disgusting than this. District Attorney Craig Stedman is running to be a Superior Court Judge. Of all the reasons that he will not be elected, the most pressing, shocking and glaring reason is his indefensible protection and preferential treatment of Bryan Cutler and his family. Unbelievable! 

    (Click here for the original)

    (Click here for the original and the full LNP editorial)

    Please check back later today.



    1. That boyish Cutler face belongs to every successful snake oil salesman.

      I have been thinking about Murry vs. The LNP. Isn’t it ironic that the entity that has raked in millions of taxpayer dollars via some would say shaky deals along with a builder who buys up property adjacent to the con center and hotel well in advance of CRIZ approval or even a whiff of an idea of expansion. And in true clumsy fashion sets up a shell company to purchase them.

      Anyway, isn’t it ironic that they go after Murry in print… who is doing a thankless job, paid nothing for it, and from what I can gather has not made money on the taxpayer’s backs. Also interesting that Kara “you’ll never win a Pulitzer” went to Manheim Twp. Schools but never as far as I can tell disclosed that to readers. There’s a lot of connecting the dots.

    2. PS the whole Stedman at the scene on Xmas eve. Unbelievably strange. Did Erma Kaylor get that? How about the refugee who hung himself in a holding cell? Did the business man with a minority surname who was gunned down during a robbery get that?

      Why does he show up for only specific cases? Who else was there when Rosado pulled the trigger on Hanna? As expected, when Rosado was forced to be tried as an adult he pled out. .. sparing any further disclosure on the incident. I have followed commenters under the articles and it has been posted that other people were there. But from the manner of how the stories were written, you would never know. They never even reported on the Hanna family’s victim statement.

      So now it’s pay back time for Cutler. He owes Stedman.

    3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay off the subject I know, but how much have property taxes gone up in Lancaster since Mayor Dick first took office. I’ve heard 40%. I’ve Googled it, and so far nothing.