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    Posted on June 6th, 2017 Becky 15 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


          District Attorney Craig Stedman stated the mother, Carola Arnau, 40, bought the handgun the day before – legally – and apparently shot her two children and set the fires and then shot herself. The children were found in their beds. Her husband, Miguel, 45, was living in the garage and was at work when it happened. Stedman said there is no danger to the public.
         Stedman said they were divorcing and in a custody battle and that things had been “escalating,” stating he believed the police were called at least once recently. He asked anyone with information regarding her mental state to contact the police.
         Key points from the press conference are below from the DA’s spokesperson, Brett Hambright’s, Twitter Account.

        What a terribly sad day. Carola Arnau and her two children were murdered in their home in Strasburg. Everyone is awaiting details from the police. If there is any breaking news this evening, it will be posted, otherwise we will see what tomorrow brings.
         Condolences to their family and friends.

    Carola Arnau

         There are reporters from all over at the triple homicide scene in Strasburg. A reporter for Allentown’s WFMZ-TV 69News brought a drone but was told by the State Police he could not use it. He said they use it all the time in Allentown.

    **** The bodies are being removed from the home at 2:00 pm.

    ***  The triple homicide scene in Strasburg today about 1:10 pm.

    **  Media reports are stating and quoting neighbors saying the father of the children was living in the home. According to a custody complaint that Miguel Arnau filed on April 3rd of this year and withdrew on April 20th, his address was an apartment in Ronks, PA.

        As we await word from the police, there is a mention of a Protection From Abuse filing for this family. The details are not available at the moment. The mother, Carola Arnau, is pictured below.


    Carola Arnau

          There is a shocking murder investigation this morning of a mother and her two children in Strasburg (click here for WGAL’s coverage). The home is owned by Miguel A. and Carola R. Arnau according to county records. They were in the process of divorcing and were having custody conferences for their two children.

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    1. She was a beautiful, loving woman. At work she always seemed so bubbly and happy. We are devastated this morning.

    2. I am so sorry for your loss. This is terrible. Just terrible.

    3. Is the district attorney on the scene?

    4. This was in the lancasteronline article:

      A man, who Yoder said was the husband and father of the woman and kids in the house, arrived at the scene in his work uniform and tried to run into the house but was restrained by police on the scene.

      “He was freaking out and screaming about his wife and kids in there, but they wouldn’t let him go near it,” Yoder said.

    5. In this PennLive article they talk about family and the husband, etc. but there is this telling line:

      The man who lived in the house was at work last night, and when he arrived at the scene he was “hysterical – he was devastated,” said Mrs. Fisher, who lives on the Amish farm behind the home.

      And read the very last sentence! OMG! She put it at the end and it’s probably the killer!

    6. I’m sorry – computer troubles. The link to the PennLive article is below and the important sentences:

      “I just saw the smoke,” said neighbor Willie Champion, who was awakened a little after 3 a.m.

      He saw a man in a car in the driveway talking loudly on the phone and saw the house on fire.

      ‘All I can do is just pray for them,’ neighbor says of 3 found dead in burning home

    7. Someone brought up the opinion that it may have been a murder suicide perpetrated by the mom. I hadn’t even thought of that possibility.

    8. CBS-21 stated that very early this morning and stuck with it for several hours. I believe that theory is out the window and LNP quotes Brett Hambright of the DA’s office stating it is a “homicide investigation.”

    9. That theory was not out the window. Wow! What a tragedy.

    10. But why did she feel she had to kill her two children?

    11. OMG, that is the question, Frank. 🙁 🙁

    12. This…this breaks my heart. I’ve known this family for years, even when their daughter (Bella) was just a baby. They seemed so loving and God fearing . Miguel…I’m praying for you brother.

    13. Well Frank Lee that has always been the question the investigating officers ask themselves but in real fact nobody ever know why people do things except the so called Psychiatrists thinks they know that answer but they too don’t know.

    14. As to “why?” I’ve been witness to ugly custody battles. The children are reduced to possessions rather than people. And are used as pawns.

      I know nothing of what this family went through. But I did wonder why the garage was purposely set on fire. Reading the coverage, it appears that Miguel was living in the garage. I see that as him wanting to be close to his children. Sure, some might say that he was in the garage to be a threatening presence.

      All of this is conjecture. I find it interesting that the DA is asking for all the junior psychologists (yeah, I am acting like one right now too) who knew of her mental state to come forward. Strange.

    15. The latest from the DA’s office following the autopsies:

      …All three individuals were shot. The Lancaster County Coroner’s Office performed autopsies Wednesday and found the individuals died of gunshot wounds.
      Evidence and information gathered in the investigation indicates Mrs. Arnau shot both children and herself, and also a dog found deceased in the home.
      Also, fires were intentionally set at multiple locations at the home and detached garage. Mrs. Arnau set those fires with use of an accelerant.
      Miguel Arnau, Carola’s husband and father of the children, was at work at the time of the shootings. Nothing at this point indicates he was involved in the shootings or the fires.
      The firearm believed to be used in the shootings was found by Mrs. Arnau’s body. Soot from discharge of a firearm was found on Mrs. Arnau’s hand.
      Mrs. Arnau had been receiving mental-health treatment prior to the incident.

      She did not want to leave one thing behind. She also set the car on fire along with the fire in the garage and the house. It is hard to wrap your mind around it.

      Investigators Determine Killings in Strasburg Township to be Murder-Suicide