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    Posted on June 4th, 2017 Becky 5 comments


        On a lighter note this afternoon(!), someone has changed the description of LNP’s Facebook page to “Portable Toilet Rentals in Lancaster, Pennsylvania!” Oh, my! Excellent and descriptive – but who could have done that?



         Taking a page from the Gary Kirchner story/saga, I am betting that LNP will hang the “taper” out to dry when push comes to shove. Reveal sources? Never…if you are a real journalist. They lost all credibility w/me on that one, alone, years and years ago. God rest his soul.
    This comment in early this morning on the post immediately below.

    Suzanne Cassidy

         What LNP did to Gary Kirchner is unforgivable (click here for “FORMER CORONER G. GARY KIRCHNER DIES” on this site). And it’s not that far removed from today’s LNP staff and their repeated attacks on former Manheim Township School Board President William Murry. The “Intell Five,” named as such by Ron Harper, Jr., formerly of, are (click here):

         [Brett] Lovelace, P.J. Reilly, Paula Holzman, Carrie Caldwell Cassidy and Madelyn Pennino.
         Yes, there is the name “Cassidy.” Carrie Caldwell Cassidy is married to John Cassidy who until a few weeks ago was listed as an assistant news editor at LNP and his affiliation is still stated on his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
         And, he, of course, is the brother of Suzanne Cassidy, currently LNP’s Opinion Editor.  So for all of her editorials about ethics and journalism, etc., etc., she is fully aware of LNP’s dirty and unethical past and present. And while not named in William Murry’s lawsuit, she wrote front-page Sunday editorials calling for Murry to resign. Unbelievable!
         This woman retweets negative articles about Trump all day long and inspiring articles about journalism and she is a complete fraud.

    5 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – ALL IN THE FAMILY!”

    1. Kirchner said the reporters’ acceptance of immunity from prosecution violates journalistic ethics, although state Attorney General Tom Corbett forced the reporters to testify by granting them immunity, which they had not sought.
      …According to the grand jury report, Carrie Cassidy, a reporter for the Intell from 2000 to 2004, testified that Kirchner informed her of the Web site and gave her his password to get coroner-related information without calling him.
      “I don’t even recognize her name,” Kirchner said Tuesday, “and it’s highly unlikely that I would have offered (the password) to her for that.
      “I wear a Bluetooth telephone earpiece at all times. I answer questions from everybody and anybody 24 hours a day, seven days a week. … It would not be me to say, ‘Oh, jeez. Don’t bother me. Here’s a way to get your information without telephoning.’ “

      Kirchner disputes jury’s findings

    2. Did they ever dig into those seemingly bombshell allegations against the former superintendent? Now THAT sure seemed to be the REAL story. Or did I miss that?

    3. huh? – Like (former?) Sheriff Reese, Nodecker has gone under the radar. The county records shows he still owns a home/condo in MT school district. Other than that, I can’t find a thing about him. His severance pay of $160,000 wouldn’t last that long for a man used to money I wouldn’t think…

    4. Well its really strange that they uncovered dozens of allegations against Nodecker and zero coverage of any followup. Or any suits brought against him by his accusers. The big story should have been getting to the bottom of those allegations, not the school board inanity.

      The LNP cried squirrel and just like that Nodecker is spared the spotlight and they went all balls our after Murry. Seems to me if he was a serial offender as the law firm called him, wouldn’t parents want him out of there? And apparently he has never legally disputed the accusations as slander.

      This may just come up at trial. And perhaps we might find a link between him and one of those active on the so-called Murry print expose’.

      Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Nodecker himself taped one of the mwetings that I am sure he attended at some point. And perhaps one or more of the complainants will be subpoenaed to testify on Murry’s behalf.

    5. Sorry for the typos above.