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  • * REALLY???

    Posted on May 13th, 2017 Becky No comments


    *    Recognize that face? Yes, it’s former LNP reporter Gil Smart talking about chickens (click here)! Oh, joy! This issue has moved from city to city and apparently Smart has written several columns on this most serious of issues!
         They tried this in Lancaster but it did not fly – click here for “Lancaster city won’t allow keeping of chickens.”

    ME, ME, ME!

         Anderson just celebrated her one-year anniversary with a solo trip to Mexico.
         She said even though she’s married to herself, she’s dating and open to marrying another person.
    From Philly CBS-3, ” ‘Self-Marriage’ Movement Growing Relationship Trend Across Country,” (click here).
         On a rainy Saturday morning what is better than some absolute nonsense? I saw this segment during the news and I am still in shock. I am considering suing CBS-3 for stupidity!

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