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    Posted on May 24th, 2017 Becky 7 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS *** 

          The Reading School District took Frank Wiczkowski, the owner of MAW Communications, to court in 2001 for back taxes he owed in the amount of $1,954.55. Lancaster city is loaning MAW $1.5 million and plans to pay them over an additional $3 million for LanCity Connect.
         This site previously published that MAW Communications’ assets seem to consist of their building valued at $89,000 in Reading.

    Please check back tomorrow.




         One of the most shocking turns in the Murry case was when Tom Murse, LNP’s content editor and now also the editor of The Caucus, used the above photos of the Manheim Township School Board members with “STILL KEEPING SECRETS”” as his Twitter profile. Murse has kept the fact that Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife states in a book that he beat her a secret from the public for years 

         He kept the fact that J. Scott Davis, who shot his two-month old baby dead on Christmas Eve, received blatantly preferential treatment from DA Craig Stedman because he is Representative Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, a secret from the public. And we have the case of Katie West, now State Senator Scott Martin’s sister, who also received incredibly preferential treatment and the son of a West Hempfield Township police officer and his friend who received six months in “boot-camp” for an armed and violent home invasion for drugs.
         And there are 20 unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray – and Murse accused the Manheim Township School Board of keeping secrets? His hypocrisy and disregard for the public’s safety, equal justice and decency is shocking.  



              The paucity of candidates begs the question whether fewer residents are willing to put their public image on the line by serving on a school board.
    From LNP’s story, “Potential school board vacancies loom as primary ballots go unfilled,” (click here).
         It “begs the question?” Are you kidding, reporter Alex Geli? That has to be the dumbest question you have ever asked! Do you know what your paper did to William Murry and the Manheim Township School Board? It was like a shark feeding frenzy! After that, why would anyone volunteer for what you state in the article is an, “unpaid, often thankless position of school board director?”

    7 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS *** * LOOK IN THE MIRROR, ALEX!”

    1. LNP is clueless!!!!!

    2. Stop Cryin Chris!

      It be nice if you told us how these people received preferential treatment. What exactly did they do and how did their affiliation with the named elected officials get them special treatment? I am just curious. Thank you

    3. It will be coming. These are among the many, many reasons DA Craig Stedman should not be a Superior Court Judge!

    4. Stop Cryin Chris

      Let’s take J. Scott Davis. Shot and killed his two month old baby. DA Stedman came out to the crime scene personally to interview Davis. Davis never saw the inside of a jail cell because he was bonded out on unsecured bail. Rep Bryan Cutler was thr Republican party’s up and coming golden boy and a friend to the NRA. Oh, and Cutler was also his brother-in-law, something LNP never bothered mentioning until LIP kept including it in reports. No one ever asked to check phone records and if there was ex parti communication between Cutler and Stedman. It took almost a month until Davis’ picture was included in an LNP “report”. Some guy gets busted for trying to buy a hooker on Water Street, and he gets his picture splashed on the front page the next day. J. Scott Davis got zero jail time. Only probation. Do think if instead of his relative being State Rep, was rather a fork lift operator, David would have gotten the same kid gloves handling? Oh yeah. And Davis is White.

      Then there were the two high school kids in West Hempfield Twp. One, a West Hempfield Twp cop’s kid, and the other the son of a Lancaster businessman. They posted as DEA agents, broke into an occupied home, and robbed the occupants. Impersonating a DEA agent is a federal offense on top of a drug related armed breaking and entry. In that same time frame, a black kid in a Ephrata was sentenced for armed robbery breaking and entry. He got ten years. I’m guessing he didn’t have a dad who was a cop, or a businessman. He didn’t get sentenced to six months-out in three-at a “boot camp”

    5. Stop Cryin Chris! if you are new to Becky’s site, a lot of what you ask has been answered in numerous posts that Becky has put up here.

      That is often how so many of these perpetrators and the Corporate Welfare Queen of Penn Square, aka PSP, get to grub the millions from taxpayers… the local media reports nothing and citizens are not informed. And since the LNP is complicit in this whole scheme, Lancastrians never get the stories until they have become so complex that it is nearly impossible to parse it all out from day one.

      That’s where Becky’s site comes in. You will find a lot of early information in her articles and in the comments. A good case in point is the divorce of Christopher Larsen and his wife. Becky “caught sightY of what his wife was posting publicly and to the point. If you go to the comments, you will see numerous city and county workers familiar with the goings-on in the DA’s office who commented on the ‘situation’ in the office.

      If you were to go to Larsen’s wife’s Facebook page now, there is absolutely nothing that would make you suspect that ugly stuff was going on.

      Same goes for the Baltimore cop who was hired by the Lancaster Police Department. It was right around the time of the Baltimore uprising and another police killing of a Black man. His Facebook page was filled with ugliness. Becky caught a screen grab and more information… and the next thing you know… poof… all of it was deleted.

      The back stories that you ask about are all documented here. Just do a search at the top of the page for the name of the person and you can see a timeline of articles and take a look at them.

      Becky has also been covering the Sadler story as soon as she learned that his ex wife had written a tell all book. His ex’s book unfortunately uses aliases and was not very well edited. But she has stepped forward and stated clearly that it was Sadler whom she was writing about.

      Are those things true that she states about him? It’s hard to ascertain the truth. However, any decent local newspaper would have investigated her allegations and put their conclusion for all to read. Instead, and it can’t make Sadler very happy, the “whispering campaign” that continues to this day regarding those allegations continues. Because of the way the book was written with aliases etc., I am loathe to believe everything that was written. But as it goes unchallenged, it doesn’t help Sadler. The newspaper should certainly try to get to the bottom of the story. Despite all of that, nothing has ever been written.

      Same goes for the shell company that High created to purchase the three buildings adjacent to the hotel and convention center. Some purchased well in advance of the CRIZ money. The newspaper only recently reported that High had purchased these buildings dating back to 2009 AFTER the demolition started. If someone not familiar with the story were to read that, they wouldn’t think much about it.

      And that’s the problem with how so much goes on in Lancaster in the commercial, judicial and executive offices. People don’t get the information until long past the harm is done.

      Under one of the stories regarding the shooting of Hanna by Rosado, a family friend posted that there were others present during the killing. That is a very prescient part of the entire story… and still goes unanswered. Who else was present? Are their last names in the protected category of the LNP and the DA’s office? The LNP even went as far as to “clean up” Rosado’s old mugshot. The DA’s office has played games about releasing his mugshot. And the LNP has never questioned who the other people were who were there and on and on and on.

    6. I see that Frank has posted about other incidents. There are so many that show the preference given to some and not others. I’d like to add that those Hempfield kids were allowed back in the high school as well. Compare that to the McCaskey kid who supposedly had a gun in his car… not on his person. He never set foot inside McCaskey again.

    7. Unless I am mistaken, Stop Cryin Chris! there is another story not mentioned here. It is the case of Scott Martin and his close relative using heroin and then smashing into a large truck and killing several members of her family.

      They counted on the truck driver’s “foreign sounding” name to sway the usual rah rah rah ‘murica types to weigh in and slam the truck driver instead of focusing on the person who was strung out and not able to stop in time. Scott Martin’s relative.