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    Posted on April 1st, 2017 Becky 8 comments



         Unbelievable! LNP and reporter Tom Knapp go after Manheim Township again in this “insider” story (click here)! Maybe mom should have gotten into the details – and Knapp too!
         Hunter has a public drunkenness arrest and who knows why the school wouldn’t let him re-enroll? There must be a reason. This is sloppy, clickbait reporting, Knapp! Shame on you and LNP!



    *    In the one LNP article about the lawsuit, long-time reporter Jeff Hawkes stated the below (click here for the article). How could Hawkes know and state as fact that it was “unsolicited” and by an “unknown party?”
         Did he check with Barbara Hough Roda, Kara Newhouse and Susan Baldrige or is that just the official LNP line?


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

         In a complaint filed on March 30th, William Murry and his attorneys are stating that at least one person at LNP was aware that the illegal recording was going to be made and provided to them (see below). Interestingly, Kara Newhouse, a named defendant in his lawsuit, is no longer employed by LNP.



    From today’s LNP print edition front page story, “Corll leaves police post.”
         So, this man was under scrutiny but he closed-fist punched a man in the eye after throwing him to ground and as a result he received a two day suspension? That’s what was testified to in court.
         You will have to do better than that, Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler!

    8 responses to “*** BREAKING NEWS *** – * – *** BREAKING NEWS *** – YOU HAVE TO DO BETTER!”

    1. FYI – that “front page” story is no longer on the 1st page of LOL. They want it swept under the rug. The comment that i wanted to post underneath it…

      LNP printed (at least) 2 stories following the Corll conviction where the Mayor seemingly insults the intelligence of the reader (public) and the “reporter” fails to challenge him with the simplest question and follow-ups, in other words fails to do their most basic job as a reporter, to rebut the drivel that comes out of his mouth. In a macro sense, are you suggesting that the Lancaster Police Department has NO (zero, zilch, nada) policy on what to do/how to proceed when, and if, one of their sworn officers is convicted of a felony? Seriously? I realize they are protected by a pretty powerful union but it would not be policy to immediately fire an officer after a felony conviction? Do we really need a $250/hour pow-wow with the City Solicitor? I can understand a meeting to discuss what to do with an officer previously responsible for 6 (SIX) lawsuits against the City for excessive force, etc. who has been charged with a serious felony? Fire him now? Decide not to pay him while he fights the charges? That scenario, the one that occurred with Ray Corll, would be worth a couple lawyer fees to see if we could save some bucks firing him immediately or not paying him while he fights…even if it created civil exposure from Corll. Gathering the Chief and solicitor following a serious conviction for an officer with the worst liability record on the force should NOT be required. Are you honestly suggesting that the conversation has not come up since the charges were filed? Are you that stupid not to have discussed the contingencies? It seems that the lunatics have taken over the asylum (City of Lancaster).

    2. Very well said! These people just lie and lie and have zero expertise and no one challenges them!

    3. “was aware that the illegal recording”…I’m no lawyer but it would seem to me that this is question of awareness versus participation. It’s not child abuse, I don’t think their is a duty for them to inform law enforcement about this type of crime if one had knowledge it was going to take place. The question is was LNP an active participant in the illegal activity, part of a conspiracy, to have the recording made with the purpose to publish it or just advised that it would be made and then published it. I believe this is information that the public is entitled to know and I think that a media outlet, LNP will claim to be a legitimate one, is pretty safe unless they orchestrated the entire thing. I think the real liability here is for the actual taper; however, one would hope their would be some sort of whistleblower protections for them. Even if he was technically wronged, Bill Murry has some nerve and ego. He was absolutely exposed while breaking the law, you would think that he would just want the entire thing to go away. Meanwhile, LNP will not give an inch on this and the lawyers, on both sides, are seeing dollar signs in their dreams!

    4. Was Kara Newhouse dumped by the LNP so that if Murry can prove his allegations they can shirk responsibility and lay the blame at her feet?

    5. And it Seems that LNP didn’t like the comments that were posted and as always they Disabled the Comments on the story of the township kid that couldn’t attend the prom along with the photo’s on there night at the prom because they didn’t like what was being said.
      Free press my Arse this paper is Biased.

    6. Jay, maybe someone posted the fact of him pleading guilty to public drunkenness.

      If the kid really cared he would have registered for an online GED.

    7. Becky. Check out the WSJ’s coverage of the proms in Manhattan. LNP’s prom coverage in my opinion is far superior. They get right to the meat of the story. Keep up the high standards of your take-no-prisoners journalism LNP. Any word on whether or not Aunt Mabel’s cat had kittens ?

    8. I wonder what agreement LNP has with these schools? In some of the photos it looks like the LNP photographer caught the students by surprise and in one or two – they actually tried to hide from his camera!