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  • ** – * VIEW THE BALLOT!

    Posted on April 30th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


    **   Well, talk about pet peeves! These people really go after LNP under the story, “Clumsy Katy, a tabby cat with special needs, is looking for a home,” (click here).  Oh, my! Does someone need a chill pill?


    *    My pet peeve today – this ad which is currently running on Lancaster Online and has been for several days. Meryl Streep has been married to sculptor Don Gummer since 1978. This is ridiculous and it may be all over the internet but it is totally fake and should be taken down!


         In LNP’s “e-Newspaper” today there is a link to view a sample ballot for the May 16th primary that did not work for me. This link works! Check it out!


    7 responses to “** – * VIEW THE BALLOT!”

    1. It’s a damn shame that these people can’t muster the caring and passion that they are exhibiting about this cat for the con center and overall city conditions. Perhaps they are all from out of the city boundaries.

    2. Well said! The outrage! LOL! I am almost speechless! 🙂

    3. NOT Recommended to Judge

      Ain’t Lanacster politics great. The only Common Pleas Court judge candidate on the ballot is Jeff Conrad. So of all the possible choices, the Republican party endorsed a candidate who:

      1. Was the only candidate given a NOT RECOMMENDED rating by his peers.

      2. Who built his criminal defense practice defending the worst of the puppy mill operators in the state and,

      3. Who dropped his gun along the side of a public, residential road near his former residence in Lititz (if a black or Spanish or any non -politically person has done this, they’d have been charged. Of course, this was around the time Conrad wrote a glowing letter to the editor defending his buddy DA Craig Stedman’s actions in a case).

      This dropped gun issue could become a big problem. And it should.

    4. Conrad will continue the white privilege verdicts. He’s perfect for the average Lancaster voter.

    5. Hasn’t Lancaster been damaged enough by whore lawyers?

    6. What verdicts has Conrad made as a defense attorney??

    7. Really Robert. Try to keep up. I’d guess 99.9% of the people who read huh?’s comment understood it to mean that Conrad will continue the white privilege verdicts of the Lancaster County bench.