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    Posted on April 13th, 2017 Becky 2 comments



         The governor Friday suspended Norman Bristol-Colon, 31, after Bristol-Colon’s [sic] supervisors learned of a crash involving the vehicle, a white Chrysler Cirrus sedan, that occurred just after midnight Dec. 20.
         …In an accident report filed by Bristol-Colon, he blamed foggy weather, a wet roadway and defective brakes on the car for the crash. He also stated the truck was illegally parked and said the car was traveling 55 mph, 10 mph less than the speed limit.
         A report filed by Northwest Regional police said the weather was clear, the road dry, the car’s [sic] brakes did not fail and the truck was legally parked, news reports state.
    From the 2007 LNP article, “County man suspended after accident in state vehicle,” (click here).
         How much do we know about mayoral candidate Norman Bristol Colon? He owns a home in Lancaster Township and was shown in city council minutes as living there in September of 2015. When did he move into the city?
         What exactly is The Progreso Group, that he is president of and described on their Facebook page as a “consulting agency” (click here). Why don’t they have a website? How does he earn a living with a Facebook page with 200 likes?
         There will be more when this site returns from Spring break on Monday.   
         And not to leave out another mayoral candidate – who does this? An angel on her shoulder? Really? Uh, oh! She’s a “consultant” too! Hmmm…
         Have a great holiday and please check back on” Monday!

    2 responses to “COLON HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!”

    1. Consultant covers a lot of sins. Anyone can call themselves one, no education or credentials required.

    2. This is what he says on his LinkedIn account (I would like one – just one – specific name of a company or individual that this man consulted for and was paid for his consulting):

      President & CEO
      The Progreso Group
      May 2011 – Present (6 years)

      The Progreso Group provides quality services in campaigns & elections; marketing, public relations & communication strategies; government relations; strategic partnerships and development; diverse entertainment and educational productions; and training.

      With many years of experience in consulting services in the United States, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Puerto Rico in educational matters, bi-national efforts, and business growth, The Progreso Group is founded to provide bilingual and bicultural excellence in service and innovation in leadership. Our capabilities can bring the group of experts and professionals to provide our clients with the diverse talents to produce exceeding results.

      Speaker’s Bureau, Leadership / Professional Development and Training; Campaigns & Elections; Marketing, Public Relations & Communication Strategies; Government Relations, Strategic Partnerships & Development; Diverse Entertainment & Professional Productions; Executive Coaching; Research; Youth Leadership Development Programs; and Latino Affairs.

      Norman Bristol Colón – Linkedin