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    Posted on April 15th, 2017 Becky 15 comments


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         There are so many disturbing aspects to this story about a homeless man on Easter Sunday and I will come back to them tomorrow. According to his docket – his bail was set a half-a-million-dollars cash – that’s right – $500,000.
         I guess he should have been a good ol’ white boy! On October 29 of 2014 I published the below (the original is here).


    *   The man who was shot is Ortiz J. Angel. Social media accounts say he was shot by a “friend.” 

    4-17 UPDATE


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         And the police and LNP don’t tell the public until late last night. Unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.


         There was intense police activity after what is believed to have been a shooting at the Final Fade Barber Shop at 605 N. Plum Street in Lancaster last night.


    15 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE – * 4-17-17 UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS ***”

    1. Mayor F—in Dick.

    2. Final Fade to…..

    3. 6:30 pm and still no word from LNP. They must all be off for the holiday weekend. Great news reporting.

    4. Yeah I know hope those Idiot’s are enjoying there Holiday eating and drinking at all those Pubs and Bars they continue to push on there site.

    5. Hey come on now. A story like that could have negatively impacted LAUNCH Fest. Did you catch their investigative piece on the Star Wars themed wedding, Easter egg hunt, and the bunny-up-for-adoption? I smell a Pulitzer.

    6. With friends that shoot you you don’t need enemies. I know, there are probably extenuating circumstances. With LNP as “one of our major news source”. We can only imagine and speculate. Pathetic.

    7. I believe the police sent out a press release on FB in a timely manner. As for LNP. Well. LNP was LNP. Now if it had been prom coverage….

    8. Press Release? Are you sure?

    9. I “Liked” LCPD’s FB page, and get posts rom them. I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think they did post it. As far as news source, I believe LIP was the first to provide info.

    10. I hunted and hunted for a police press release all weekend and there was not one that I saw. I think you’re wrong, Frank. They put one out very quickly on the homeless man in the park, though!

    11. That whole homeless man in the park incident reminded me of Gregory Bayne’s situation. I applaud the police officers on exhibiting restraint – in that we don’t have another dead mentally ill homeless person. As for his situation, once again the police are dealing with someone with diminished capacity. There are probably some that will say that they were too strident etc. But they didn’t kill him even after he injured them. And that is a huge step forward in Lancaster.

      Though I’m sure that the DA would have had another grand performance.

    12. PS but as always there is one “unnamed” officer involved

    13. The homeless are overwhelmingly either mentally ill, addicted,or both.

      This man belongs in a psych unit, not prison.

    14. Check this story on the LNP website…one witness says cops attacked first.

    15. May well have been Becky.