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    Posted on March 15th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         There is a mayoral forum tomorrow night from 6 to 9 pm at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, 750 E. King Street (click here). It is free and open to the public and all four announced candidates are scheduled to be there. Multiple questions about the $3 million dollar loan to MAW Communications for the LancCity Connect project should be asked – especially of current city councilwoman Danene Sorace.


          City Council did not vote on the two bills. First readings were done of the bills, beginning consideration. A vote is expected at the next Council meeting on March 28.
    This email response in today from City Hall Clerk Bernard Harris involving the two bills each concerning $1.5 million and MAW Communications for LancCity Connect.


     **  Many media outlets are saying this officer was fired in their headlines (click here for the LNP story). The last sentence in LNP’s article states:
         Howell is on unpaid administrative leave, according to YDR.
         That’s different than “fired,” but at least he is not being paid. Not true of Lancaster City Police Sgt. Ray Corll who is due to go on trial March 27th for perjury and other charges. Corll has been paid all this time but LNP doesn’t write about that.
         They repeatedly write and editorialize about Sheriff Mark Reese (who has not been “found guilty”) and how much he is receiving while on a “leave of absence” but not a word about Corll. Remember that Corll has already cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in successful lawsuits against him and the Lancaster City Police Department because of his actions!
         If York can put Howell on unpaid administrative leave, why can’t Lancaster city do the same with Corll?

    *    … A while back we had a 20 percent increase. I’m a disabled senior, I have trouble paying the bill now, and I am afraid to drink the water. I hope city council will have the foresight to turn down this proposal for LanCity Connect or use private financing to pay for it.
    From a Letter to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition (not currently online).
         They also ask:
         How do they refinance money not received yet?
         An excellent question! Because they are crooks!


         Have you seen or heard any results on the city council vote last night regarding the MAW “loan” ?  I can’t find a peep.
    This email in this morning.
         No, I haven’t seen a word but I will call City Hall later today!
    Please check back later today.


    6 responses to “AFTERNOON UPDATE *** BREAKING NEWS *** – ** – * WHERE IS THE NEWS?”

    1. The weather was definitely too inclement for any LNP reporters to venture out. Maybe too inclement for council members also ??

    2. The meeting should have been postponed! The city closed everything else! Crooks!

    3. Ah, come on Becky. The fake news blizzard was the perfect opertunity for the crooks to ramrod this through. Give em credit for seeing and acting upon it if they did.

    4. And the water. We got the letter (no date, no postmark how do they do this?) Came from City of Lanc, Dept of Public Works (no signature) That our water is contaminated per PWS distributed Friday Jan 20, 2017. So 2 months later, is our water still contaminated?? Don’t we have a right to know if our water is poison? Remember Flint, anyone in authority in Lanc?

    5. The fact is, Lancaster can actually look to the example of Flint and realize that no one involved in mess they are still dealing with all these years later was ever put in any sort of hot seat.

      When you look at the situation in Flint you can see they pass the buck quite effectively. So Lancaster takes notice that there is no sense of urgency or any threat to officials and so instead they can throw more and more money at vanity projects like the MAW pipe dream. Screw the letter writer and their concern.

    6. I wonder if LNP sent a reporter to the city council meeting or if the weather really was too much for them? LOL! 🙂 🙂