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     From the 51st chapter of’s Convention Center series, “Betrayals of Public Trust” under “Excesses and abuses by Public Officials,” (click here).
     Money and greed are why LNP “protects” and outright lies on behalf of Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman and his office, State Senator Scott Martin, U.S. Representative  Lloyd Smucker, State Representative Mike Sturla, the Lancaster County Judges, Mayor Rick Gray and his administration, Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler, the Lancaster City Council members and others.


UPDATED 3-12-17

     Whoa! As expected, Deborah Larsen has totally changed her Facebook page but it certainly looks like she’s still in a fighting mood! Yikes!

     And State Senator Scott Martin and County Treasurer Amber Green did indeed marry on Friday. When will LNP tell the public?


     Why is First Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen’s wife so upset? What is going on in District Attorney Craig Stedman’s office?


Deborah Larsen’s post on Facebook             ADA Christopher Larsen


  1. huh? says:

    All of this makes one look at old cases in a different light.

    When you read this, Judge Totaro actually seems to question the judgment of the prosecutor. As you read the victim’s account, you can certainly see why the judge seemed to be very troubled at the plea deal reached.

    Despite the fact that Totaro did some questionable things while DA, i.e. the grand jury situaion you report here, the punishment here really seems not to fit the crime.

  2. huh? says:

    PS I see she has removed the majority of her recent posts as well.

    Fucked with and fucked over. Those poor kids.

  3. huh? says:

    And we circle back to the beyond pornographic emails exchanged by the Pennsylvania judiciary.

    Stedman hired and had to fire one of the few identified attorneys.

    They crucified Kane on their altar of deceit. And if the newspapers had any sort of allegiance to the public, they would let the voters know.

    I was thinking that actually getting Stedman to move up and out would be a plus for Lancaster. But if this means that Larsen takes his place, his bad judgment and actions implied by his wife should be investigated for the truth.

    Was it him who instructed the facebook image changes? I’m betting it was. What a horrible way to have to live one’s life under the thumb of a person like that.

  4. Jen H says:

    If what you say is true, and since Larsen and Stedman have been friends, Stedman must have known about Larsen’s past. So now how many lapses in judgment of unbelievable political favoritism must we see before we decide Stedman is unfit and unqualified to be a judge. It’s imperative that this outstanding reporting by LIPNews be shared with the major media in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and all of Stedmans Republican and Democrat opponents.

  5. Agent Insider says:

    These are the types of things the first Mrs. Martin put on her FB that alerted the masses to Martin cheating. That and her broadcasting it to neighbors and other L-S parents. She even said it was Green. I’ve heard both Stedman and Larsen have had affairs and done “acts” in the county offices.

  6. Jay says:

    And if the public only knew how many Warrants Christopher Larsen had before he started working for the D>A office they would wonder why he is even employed there unless he was screwing someone there. He after started working the had them all erased from any system in the state for nobody was ever to look up his past one time he used his brothers name and refused to produce any I.D and his brother was being looked at for the warrant and personally think as a corrupt person he should be disbarred from holding any public office but as with anyone parents who has money they get what they wanted a rich smart-ass to treat people like all criminal in the D.A. office.

  7. Frank Lee says:

    Hey everyone! I’m sure LNP’s crack investigative news team is on this and will expose any kind of shenanigans that’s going on in the DA’s office. Those in power in Lancaster tremble at the mere thought of LNP reporters rolling up their shirt sleeves and getting to the truth!

  8. huh? says:

    PS I thought her CW reference meant her husband.

  9. huh? says:

    Jen H I have no idea. I really didn’t think much about this whole thing when I read the rumors/gossip that was posted, implied in the thread that was mostly about the big weddding.

    It was his wife’s facebook page that reminded me of the previous posts. And gives validity to what the insiders were implying in their posts.

    No one mentioned gender of the person. And all I know is what others have posted.

  10. Jen H says:

    Doesn’t the CW reference pretty much mean it’s a female, huh??

  11. huh? says:

    So, will Stedman step up and do the right thing? Anything other than having an affair with another asst. DA, all other people in the office would be considered subordinates and having an affair with a subordinate is usually actionable.

    Unfortunately, it’s usually the subordinate who gets fired. Not the boss.

    And in figuring out who this person might be, it could be someone of either gender. Her page doesn’t hint at their gender. Just that she is beyond being pissed off.

  12. Bad Judgment says:

    Am I right in recalling that Larsen had thrown his hat in the ring for some of the recent Lancaster Common Pleas Court judge openings? I recall hearing too that Stedman was campaigning the Republican committee for Larsen. If that’s true, how can Stedman possibly be considered qualified for any judgeship? As for Larsen, his public service career ends here, don’t you think?

  13. huh? says:

    From the postings here from insiders, combined with the wife’s facebook page, I believe that the DA’s office has a horrible morale problem – speaking from experience, there is nothing that pisses people off more than the distraction of seeing one of your bosses having an affair with an office mate.

    And if it is a subordinate, that adds an entire new dimension to the situation. Preferential treatment, adultery, unethical and problematic fuckery that can ruin the office morale and in turn can make the entire office focused on something other than what they are paid to do. And that can jeopardize both defendants and plaintiffs and victims and their families.

    So, why isn’t the LNP sending their crack investigation team to find out what the hell is going on? These are public servants paid with our tax dollars and they are beholden to the public.

    Any wife who would post such an inflammatory and incendiary public facebook page takes all the doubt out of the equation.

    And as one of the insiders posted here, the hiring of the ‘mouthpiece’ may be more for obfuscation and stonewalling than for the public’s benefit.

    If this guy succeeds into Stedman’s job, the public is being robbed. And don’t tell me that the former reporter who feeds all sorts of propaganda is out of the loop on this one.

    If the DA isn’t up to firing a subordinate who is tanking his entire office, then that DA certainly doesn’t deserve to be promoted to a judgeship.

  14. huh? says:

    This kind of public anger is a career killer for all involved.

  15. barry in winnipeg says:

    I’ve never understood why people go public with stuff like this, unless it’s to get back at someone. The problem is, though, in a digital age such things “stay out there” forever, even after you’ve “gotten past” them.

  16. huh? says:

    I’ve been reading between the lines of some of your ‘insider’ posters here and there have been several comments that seemed to allude to shenanigans going on in the DA’s office.

  17. huh? says:

    Wow. Just wow. To use a cliche’ that I’ve never used online before: No words.

    • Becky says:

      This is the wife of the First Assistant District Attorney of Lancaster County posting on an open Facebook page. Larsen most likely (up until now) would be the shoe-in replacement for DA Stedman if he wins the Superior Court Judgeship! Can you imagine? OMG!