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**   Another power outage. Sigh. LIP News will be back tomorrow.

*     In print they say “at least 42” and online they say 41. Pathetic! There are so many unsolved murders LNP doesn’t even know how many there are!




JusticeThe huge front page headline in today’s LNP print edition. Click here for the online story, “Unsolved murders get another look; Lancaster County district attorney calls grand jury to aid in investigations,” and here for “Here’s a list of 41 unsolved homicides in Lancaster County since 1992.”

      What an absolute disgrace. The only reason Stedman is doing this huge waste of taxpayer’s money is he is trying to look good in his campaign to be a Superior Court Judge. But you don’t see LNP mentioning that, do you?
     And for LNP to sit by as unsolved murder after unsolved murder piled up and not question the DA or the police is just unconscionable.
     From the article:
     District Attorney Craig Stedman, in an interview, described the use of an investigative grand jury as the “last arrow in the quiver.”
     How many days did it take Stedman to think up that “clever” line? Stedman is not a straight arrow! He is not fit to be the DA let alone a Superior Court Judge!
     What an absolute disgrace.
There will be much more later today.

6 Responses to ** – * – “LAST ARROW IN THE QUIVER”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Start with the Chief of Manor Township. He can’t even testify in a court because he is a convicted perjuror, and doesn’t even live in Lancaster County, let alone in Manor. Probably thinks its too dangerous… Their mantra is: Without videotape evidence, there’s really nothing we can do. Really? Yet, you dont want them in your patrol cars? Hmmmm….

    • Becky says:

      Don’t get me started on Todd Graeff!

      Of course Manor Township Police Chief Todd Graeff was hired while he had an open case in front of the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission – which he lost. And the Lancaster Newspapers – except for one article in the Sunday News – totally ignored that. Geez. Who cares if a police chief is accused (and later found guilty) of violating the Pennsylvania Ethics Code and stealing taxpayer’s money?
      Welcome to Lancaster County and the Lancaster Newspapers! Ain’t life a bowl of sugar?

      Police Chief Todd Graeff

  2. Anonymous says:

    A comment on the Martin photo: Where can you get crabs that big around here? (Besides the motels on Rte 30)? Seriously, though. They’re a lot of work, so I like jumbos. He must be in Md.

  3. Big Brother says:

    Stedman and a lot of the police in this city should be in jail for corruption.

  4. Amonymous says:

    Why isn’t LNP now questioning the hiring away of their courthouse reporter (I know, I know. It’s a joke to call him a reporter) to act as a taxpayer paid consultant for Stedman’s judicial race. I am hopeful that someone submits a right to know request for all the communications between Stedman and his taxpayer financed image polisher. Ideally, one of his non-endorsed Republican primary opponents. Stedman is not fit to be the DA. He is absolutely not fit to be a judge. Period.

  5. my goodness says:

    The good news. In past 2 days I’ve seen bail set one million and above for 2 of our local, not so fine and upstanding, citizens. Thank you to whomever in our judicial system that is doing this.