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    Posted on March 27th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         Megan Madaffari, of the State Attorney General’s office who is prosecuting Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll, told the jury in her opening statement:
        This is a case about faith – faith in the criminal justice system. Ray Corll’s job is to protect the public. On March 8th and July 1st of 2014 he failed to do his job – he broke the law.
         She said Steve Widdowson and Tammy Jones were two young professionals out for a night as friends. On March 8th they were walking from Annie Bailey’s to buy a slice of pizza from the House of Pizza. She said video will show they were not staggering or in danger of walking into the street. She said Corll committed perjury on July 1st when he lied about that under oath at Widdowson’s preliminary hearing. 
         Heidi Eakin, Corll’s attorney, presented a far different picture. She said they were “bar-hopping” on a Friday night. She said they had five drinks apiece, some shots and visited three bars. She questioned whether they were really two young professionals out on a night of responsible drinking.
         And this whole case may come down to whether Widdowson used the “F” word with the police or not – as in questioning the police with, “What the f*ck are you looking at?” Tammy Jones told Eakin from the stand that she never heard Widdowson use the “F” word that night.
         Eakin pushed Jones hard and got a rise out of her, but she maintained her story on the stand and said yes, she was upset that night because she didn’t know why Corll punched Widdowson or why they were being arrested because they were not staggering from one side of the sidewalk to the other and not in danger of walking off the curb into traffic. “We didn’t do anything,” she said she told Widdowson when he told her the police were following them. 


    LANCASTER, PA – A jury and two alternates were chosen this morning in courtroom #8 before President Judge Dennis Reinaker in the trial of Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll. They were sworn in just before the courtroom broke for lunch. The trial will resume at 1:30 pm today.


    2 responses to “* JURY CHOSEN”

    1. I was thinking on the way home that these young professionals are exactly who Mayor Gray and City Council wants downtown, the people they’ve poured so much money into that 6 block magazine section to get them going to “nice,” upscale bars/restaurants and spending their money in downtown Lancaster.

      And there was talk during the trial about a special police unit that only operates on Friday nights and occasional Saturdays, whose purpose is to uphold “quality of life” issues. And Corll was working that special unit on a Friday night when he allegedly punched and arrested Widdowson and Jones. I need to review my notes – some big stuff in there!

    2. That this even happened is insane. People go to bars and enjoy themselves and yeah, they may get next to shitfaced. But were they bothering Corll? Were they bothering anyone? Were they laughing and having fun?

      Corll was probably pissed that he had to work and couldn’t have a cold beer. He’s looking at all these “privileged” assholes and decided it was time to bring out the bully. And his cop buddies just stood back and let him treat people like shit.

      This guy has a chip on his shoulder that weighs a ton. He’s done this before.

      And even if he is fired by a unanimous city council vote, we know he will be back on the job and probably will appear in the not too distant future accused of the same thing.