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     This excellent poem in from “Frank Lee” yesterday:

Dick was the Mayor Gray
of a city he let slip to decay
“I frankly beg your pardon
I put in lots of rain gardens”
And that was all he could really say.

    Oh, that is good stuff, Frank! Thank you. Hmmm…. Dick’s response?


     LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy tweeting at last night’s forum on “Trust, Transparency and the News.”
     I don’t file Right to Know requests every day. I try to wait for something I feel is particularly significant and important. One; because it’s not an easy process and two, I don’t want to “anger” public officials with a flurry of nonsense Right to Know requests.
     But this weekend I spent several hours gathering all the paperwork and the names involved in my original Right To Know request for the mugshot of George Rosado and fired off my appeal.
     It was denied by the District Attorney’s office again – but I was initially confused by their email I received this morning and I contacted the PA Office of Open Records. After a man kindly listened and explained where it stood, he said, “At this point, you need to hire an attorney.”
     There will be more later but I guess District Attorney Craig Stedman really, really does not want the public to know what he is doing!
**   The lawsuit brought by State Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument against Sheriff Mark Reese has been transferred by President Judge Dennis Reinaker to Senior Judge John D. Kuhn of Adams County for “management and disposition.”

*    Robert M. Krasne, chairman and publisher of the LNP Media Group, concluded the evening by reminding the audience that democracy “is not a spectator sport.”
From the LNP story by Tom Knapp, “Local media representatives, scholars discuss trust, transparency and ‘fake news’ at Elizabethtown panel,” (click here).
       Well, isn’t that an original thought – not! President Obama, Bernie Sanders and countless other have used that line! Not impressive, Mr. Krasne!


Paula Knudsen of The Caucus and Tom Murse of LNP and The Caucus at last night’s forum at Elizabethtown College on “Trust, Transparency and The News.”

Please check back later today.


  1. Frank Lee says:

    Thanks Becky! For you;

    Gray was the mayor Dick
    of a city mired in shit
    Nightly “shots fired”
    are what transpired
    But no comments from he on it.

  2. huh? says:

    About the Right to Know request for Rosado’s mugshot. It is obvious at this point that Stedman is playing you.

    You should contact one of those mugshot websites and ask if they have one on file. Or if they could get one.

    I too believe something is being hidden in that whole Rosado/Hanna shooting. I can imagine that at some time in the future his brother might get pissed off enough to publicly post something about the shooting.

    I always think of that nurse who sat in jail for a year before her ‘murder’ trial of the disabled young man. Jail that long before trial can ruin a person, especially an innocent person.

    On the other hand, Rosado is apparently bailed out and no one’s the wiser.

  3. huh? says:

    That is a judge not connected with Reese’s jurisdiction/county, correct? Don’t know if that is in his favor.

    After this is settled, will they focus on Corll who I believe is on paid leave? Not holding my breath.

    Part of the suit brought against Reese has to do with him not doing his job, correct? Despite the fact that they have locked him out of his office. I hope his attorney is aware of the fact that official documents are going out with his signature because that nullifies that part of the argument I would imagine.

    • Becky says:

      Yes, I imagine every Lancaster County Judge would have to recuse themselves from Reese’s case because they all know him so well.

      As for Corll, he is scheduled to go on trial this coming Monday morning before President Judge Dennis Reinaker. Everything at this point hinges on the outcome of the trial. And yes, he has been being paid this whole time since charges were filed in March of 2016.